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2015-09-07 14:17:44 / Author: Hanfi1311
Long ago in July 2011 I made a multiplayer bubble bobble level for LBPC2 Crown Contest Mayhem...
Because of missing sticker panels at this time, it was a funny minigame, but it didn't look so good... 
because of this, some weeks ago, I started to make a new LBP3 version...

What is new:
- Many holograms were replaced with stickerpanels
- Many holograms were replaced with new notes
- Improved graphics
- 4 new levels (now 17 levels are available)
- 1 new evil character (Level 14 and above)
- Fixed several bugs
- Now 25% Thermo used

Level Link:

Some screenshots:

Gameplay Video (missing Level 16-17):

Old version vs. new version:

Hope you'll like it...

(On PS4 the level fails to load first time, just try again...)
2015-09-07 14:17:44
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2015-09-07 14:32:13 / Author: DMBIRK5000
I just played it, good job! It was enjoyable. 
2015-09-07 14:32:13
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2015-09-08 20:24:18 / Author: nerd_dog
oh wow... this looks pretty legit o.o

definitely queued
2015-09-08 20:24:18
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