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LBP 3-early-version glasses-power-up remake

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2015-09-03 20:11:41 / Author: Laxen333
I have made a remake of the glasses-power-up from this video ( Link to level: ( Building this took much longer than I had expected.

 I changed some things that I thought needed changing but generally I think that I captured the atmosphere. If you play this level you'll win this power-up. I've always liked the idéa of non-handheld-power-ups.

2015-09-03 20:11:41
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2015-09-03 20:27:44 / Author: Biorogue
cool! I've queued it!

Cool, I've played it! Well, uh, I really like how you had the bridge form into place. That was cool. The powerup is....I don't get it. It just changes my costume to regular sackdude wearing the shades. Then if I change my costume back to the one I was wearing and choose powerup again, it puts the shades into my hand. That was it.
I would like to see this further developed. Like, the shades/glasses could be a powerup for incognito mode. Like you're trying to infiltrate a secret base or get into somewhere and you put the glasses on and they let you in no problem. Or you put them on and become super cool guy and the ladies swoon all over you or something.
2015-09-03 20:27:44
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2015-09-04 05:53:06 / Author: Laxen333
Well, I just tried to make what the trailer showed. I'm not going to make a full level of It, that's why I gave it away as a prize. I will try to fix it so that the glasses doesn't show up in your hand but right now I really have no clue how to fix it.
2015-09-04 05:53:06
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