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2015-08-27 18:17:50 / Author: Tariq k.
Hey everybody, 

I just wanted to share my level with you,
It's an open world top down driving level with many things to do and it's really detailed, it even has hidden things like huge money bonuses and a hidden vehicle (for the multiplayer version)
i've split my level into 2 versions while i was in the middle of developing the level so they'll have slightly different experiences (one of them has progression but it isn't multiplayer friendly while the other is multiplayer friendly but it doesn't have proggression)


-Multiplayer version (cars accelerate and handle the same here just so it can be balanced) :

-Single player version (cars accelerate and handle differently here) :

Feedback is appreciated
2015-08-27 18:17:50
Tariq k.
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2015-09-01 15:23:39 / Author: Sandro8708
Its queued
2015-09-01 15:23:39
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2015-09-01 15:31:10 / Author: vusco
in the queue
2015-09-01 15:31:10
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2015-09-02 21:28:58 / Author: Kato
Got it queued!
2015-09-02 21:28:58
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2015-09-02 22:48:22 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Looks really nice! Queued! ^^
2015-09-02 22:48:22
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2015-09-03 12:55:45 / Author: Kato
Giving Sack-Kato a car was a TURRIBLE idea! I didn't get any pics, but HE PUT ON SHADES. That's never a good sign! XD

Anyway, I had a lot of fun on this level. There's not a lot to do on the map, and there was an area I could not get to. But the car designs were cool, and I had fun driving around everywhere. I thought it was funny doing the race, because with the first car I beat it no problem. By the time I got into the FASTEST car with the WORST HANDLING, man, I couldn't even get to the end! This was not helped by the fact that pressing X let me go EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!! (I love extreeeeeeeme!!!!) XD
2015-09-03 12:55:45
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