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2015-08-24 23:24:36 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
There is a LittleBigPlanet player known as Danx87 who creates and uploads useful LittleBigPlanet tutorials. I will regularly post some of his videos that I found useful, in this thread. 
     Make sure to subscribe to him and support him in the training of the new and old members of LittleBigPlanet to build more amazing things. 

 Have a good day/night and a great week!

YouTube Link
2015-08-24 23:24:36
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2015-08-25 19:37:38 / Author: Psmerga
Cool stuff.
There is always something new to learn.
I should check this as soon as possible.
Thanks for this hint and have a nice day ?
2015-08-25 19:37:38
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2015-08-25 21:22:23 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
I love his tutorials! He actually is on this forum somewhere... That's how I found out about him!
He is amazing at his tutorials and even figured out how to make a custom power-up I was having trouble figuring out in minutes! (It's the Magneticator one, since I could not figure it out, I requested it from him. )

Everyone should definitely check him out!
2015-08-25 21:22:23
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2015-08-30 19:38:23 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
I will begin a top down level eventually... maybe?
2015-08-30 19:38:23
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