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Describing things in a funny way.

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2015-08-22 03:09:03 / Author: Psmerga
Hi there.
I would like to start a new game where you can describe something in a unorthodox and funny way.
The rules are simple.

1. You can use almost every subject. (Should not be offensive for others)
2. Describe it only in a funny way. (No irony or sarcasm please)
3. Double meaning is ok as long as it doesent send bad vibes off.

Please forgive me that i have no example since my english is not so well.
I hope that people will come up with really cool stuff on their own.
2015-08-22 03:09:03
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2015-08-22 04:06:55 / Author: amiel445566
You see... a tree... its like a tall thin hard brown wall, it breathes your breath, and gives you breath to breathe. Trees drop small round baby trees called seeds. These wood babies grow with water and sun, it takes them a while, but eventually they become a tall thin hard brown wall also. Some of these brown wall trees give you sweet food circles. They have the wood babies inside of them, but they're yummy to eat. Wood babies give you food circles and breaths. I love breath food circle giving wood babies.
2015-08-22 04:06:55
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2015-08-22 18:29:50 / Author: Psmerga
I will give a try.


Place where people lock themself up.
Not to feel locked up, they try to make it more comfortable by bying and stuffing it with stuff.
2015-08-22 18:29:50
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2015-08-22 19:33:22 / Author: gurren009

A prison cell where adult's steal kids from fun and games and force them to read and learn.
When the student leaves the cell, their minds grow bigger and smarter.
2015-08-22 19:33:22
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2015-08-23 20:34:47 / Author: XZombieKing1999X

The human mind-hole looks into other people's mind-holes. These mind-holes are full of delicious ideas and problems. There are sour phobias or fears, sweet disorders like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and salty feelings. These mind-holes can be explained by other mind-holes through the science and edumacation of psycho logists.

2015-08-23 20:34:47
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2015-08-27 16:07:32 / Author: Psmerga
How to describe karma in less possible words?

Karma is when you fart in full elevator.
2015-08-27 16:07:32
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2015-09-15 18:25:28 / Author: Hamster_fluff
The school one, so true.

A fart.

A stinky stank fart, is a gasy gas of you. You eat, you drink, and you stink. But do not say that farting is bad, because a fart is a natural part, along with poo.
2015-09-15 18:25:28
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2015-09-16 00:58:09 / Author: XZombieKing1999X

An invisible bubble that makes your chest start to kindle and your head start to dance. It is unexplainable yet it can be described in infinite ways. Love is a beach and we are the waves from the ocean. We are small, insignificant, and sometimes slower to love than necessary. Yet, we are all beautiful when we reach shore, even when the ocean pulls us back or a wave goes over us. Our short, pitiful lives become an adventure when we reach the shores of love. No matter how big or small we may be, no mater if we are blue, green, gay, straight, religious, atheist, or none of the above, we are all united with one gorgeous  and "positive" conflagration of love.

2015-09-16 00:58:09
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2015-09-16 06:13:46 / Author: Hamster_fluff

Oh my... That is beautiful! You must have true love in your life, no?
Oh, and I feel quite embarrassed! I see your LOVELY poem of Love, then I am like, 'WOW!' then I see mine. A Fart. Goodness gracious!
2015-09-16 06:13:46
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2015-09-16 06:34:27 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
Ballvatar: a ball that strangely resembles people in one way or another, but with a lack of torso or mouth and big, black, shiny pebbles in the upper head area.
2015-09-16 06:34:27
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2015-09-16 23:55:58 / Author: Psmerga
2015-09-16 23:55:58
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2015-10-18 22:46:29 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Religion. (This may offend someone if they do not know the meanings of words and/or are ignorant.)
P.S. Ignorant means not knowing something, not stupidity. All people are ignorant to the words/subject in itself. 

Usually a story about a person and their invisible counterpart the soul. The most popular story in the Western world is about two people, Adam and Eve, who do bad things and cause mankind to suffer. The invisible leader is known as "God" and set sins, and punishments for the sins, because of the two humans. A man came along named Jesus and he sacrificed himself so that the believers did not have to sacrifice anymore, could cut their hair, and do every other sin mentioned in the older form of the book that they  could not do before except for the ten commandments. Modern followers of this religion are either insane, apathetic, or claim that these sins still exist which in return claims that their Jesus' sacrifice is invalid. This religion in modern day is synonymous with bigotry, hypocrisy, and oppression. On the Eastern world's side there is a very popular religion founded by a man named Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha). This religion has no strict rules and only focuses on being a good person; if you do an evil deed something equal will happen to you, or worse. This religion is synonymous with love, peace, kindness, tolerance, and happiness. There are many ancient religions, like the Webkinz humanoids in the desert or the mermaid people on a mountain. 

What is religion really? It's fire insurance because people want to go somewhere after death. In all the chaos of being a good religious person they don't consider the fact there may be nothing later on. Live life the way you want to. Don't let fear control you, or oppression. Express you in the "you-est" way possible. In the end, whatever invisible person made you, they don't honestly care what you do because you would not get the choice if so. Live happy now because uncertainty has good cause.
2015-10-18 22:46:29
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2015-10-18 23:01:23 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Sexuality/Romantic stance. (Pigs/cows)

A small creature named hormone tells you what kind of pig you are, and cow. It is possible to like the same type of pig, and it is also possible to like a different type of pig. It is even possible to like both kinds of pigs. There are many ancient rules on the pigs that oddly exist today. Such as the Christian religion. A man and a woman, Adam and Eve, caused mankind to be cursed with a list of "sins" and their punishment counterparts. Then a man named Jesus came along and he sacrificed himself to relieve mankind of this curse and said, "It is over." This means that all pigs are allowed to roll in the mud. It is possible to like one pig and be okay with a cow as well. Some people like eating bacon but some don't like eating their cow sibling but still like them....

What this means is that modern day still focuses on a non-existent "sin", based off homosexuality. It was a sin before Jesus, but Jesus relieved all sins in this particular religion except for the ten commandments. For a christian to say that it is still a sin is like saying Jesus' sacrifice was invalid. No matter who you are, what religion you study or don't, or who you like, your happiness is first priority. You can date boys and girls for their personalities without mud rolling (panromantic), you can roll in the mud with just boys (heterosexual/homosexual), or just girls (heterosexual/homosexual), or have no interest in any (asexual). Labels are for price tags, not people. Don't hate someone's price tag because sometimes that makes them worth more.

This was made for encouragement and support of people who are struggling with accepting themselves or moving on from an old invalid statement. It is okay to be happy, it is okay to lose people in the process of being happy, even family. In the end, who stays with you after you achieve happiness happen to be the only people you need in your life anyway. 
If you struggle with accepting yourself, or do not know which you are, I am open for confidential conversations via my message box on Twitter (mainly) and LBF.
2015-10-18 23:01:23
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2016-10-20 10:57:36 / Author: Markjade
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2016-10-20 10:57:36
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