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Anyone willing to review one of my levels?

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2015-08-20 04:09:55 / Author: King Derp
Just finished a level I've been spending the past 5 days working on, and was wondering if this is a good place to see if I could get a review on it.

It just seems I have a hard time getting my levels out there. And I feel this would be the best way of doing it.

The level name is High Voltage Deathrun 2 if anyone is willing to help out. And if you really want, I kept the first one up. (Which is a total mess, made it when I was first learning the game engine and compared to my newer works, it sucks)
2015-08-20 04:09:55
King Derp
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2015-08-20 14:08:28 / Author: Enzo the Cat
Welcome to the forum! I have the lbp. me link here
2015-08-20 14:08:28
Enzo the Cat
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2015-08-20 17:44:58 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi King Derp,

I've queued your level! My TV is faulty since a week and my substitute is so old that it has no HDMI-port! But a friend had the idea that I could use the vita/ PS4 remote function and I even have an idea how to activate this function without TV. So if I'm successful with it then I will play your level on weekend! And also give you a review!

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-08-20 17:44:58
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2015-08-20 19:41:04 / Author: THE-UNKNOWN-ONE
Interesting level, a bit hard in fact. I wasn't able to finish it after running out of lives at the part at the end with the bounce pads. Took me a WHILE to get pasted the electrified maze of death. Pretty decent tho. nice work.
2015-08-20 19:41:04
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2015-08-20 20:42:48 / Author: King Derp

Thanks. And about the difficulty, I was aiming of recreating the difficulty from the first map like this, but less frustrating. I'll go back and fix up some loose ends and hopefuly it will be a bit more forgiving.

Also the bounce pad section was the very end of the level, so I had to make it a challenge. But hopefuly replacing the check points with infinite live ones will make the level less frustrating. Also thinned up some of the walls in the maze, to make it so you don't need precision movement to get past.
2015-08-20 20:42:48
King Derp
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2015-08-22 22:04:26 / Author: Sandro8708

Please make next time a thread that says something straight about your lvl, add some pictures to it and name it after your level. It makes things easier for us to take a look at it

Thx for sharing its queued
2015-08-22 22:04:26
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2015-08-24 09:18:19 / Author: leftstickrightstick
queued it up!
don't fix the difficulty!, I'm looking forward to the challenge!!! xP
2015-08-24 09:18:19
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2015-08-24 21:54:50 / Author: King Derp

Don't worry, the difficulty is still there. I just made it less frustrating. Just smoothed out a few walls so you don't need to be pin point perfect in some areas.
2015-08-24 21:54:50
King Derp
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2015-08-28 13:53:54 / Author: Kato
I could do one of my infamous TLDR reviews if you'd like.
2015-08-28 13:53:54
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2015-09-01 22:25:41 / Author: King Derp

That would be very helpful. Thanks
2015-09-01 22:25:41
King Derp
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2015-09-03 12:59:08 / Author: Kato
Ahhhh... I gave it a try, but this level is too hard for me. I couldn't even get past the first jump. And knowing that the first jump is probably the easiest, I decided I ought to call it quits. Sorry!
2015-09-03 12:59:08
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