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2015-08-20 00:43:02 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
After two months of procrastinating and building--and bug testing--I have finished my first LittleBigPlanet 3 Platformer! The level is based off modern Japanese architectural style and my vision for it's future to come. The city, Mirai Mirai (Future Future) has 4 districts: City, Winery, Factory, and Rural (short part for end). The City part has the most inhabitants of course so expect close skyscrapers, advertisements, and a lot of climbing and spinning. The Winery is practically rural and serves as a short path to the abandoned American Co. Factory. After leaving the factory you emerge in some ruins of Tokyo. The idea is that Japan has been mostly destroyed over the years and Tokyo had a major burn down that required a complete city remodel. This led to it's new name, Mirai Mirai. Welcome, Sack Thing, to the future; the year 3025.

2015-08-20 00:43:02
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2015-08-23 04:09:15 / Author: Ira_HD
Amazing level!!!!   I cannot wait for more!!
2015-08-23 04:09:15
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2015-08-23 04:16:03 / Author: XZombieKing1999X

Thank you! 
2015-08-23 04:16:03
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2015-08-24 09:16:13 / Author: leftstickrightstick
This level was really good!

We thought some bits reminded us of mirrors edge so mistakenly thought that the name mira mire had something to do with that XD We probably should have read the description first.

I think we had some issues, with the multiswitch elevator, not sure if it was because we were playing 2P and it wasn't being to 2P friendly.

The futuristic aspects looked very nice, we especially liked that gliding through the wheels bit near the end!

We also recorded our play through of the level, If you are interested in seeing how we did check out our youtube channel, It should be up in the next few days.
2015-08-24 09:16:13
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2015-08-24 21:55:22 / Author: DeKa1357
Queued! Will play it soon.
2015-08-24 21:55:22
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2015-08-24 22:54:27 / Author: nerd_dog
I thought it was a pretty fun and overall nice level, dude. I enjoyed it
2015-08-24 22:54:27
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2015-08-24 23:08:52 / Author: XZombieKing1999X

Thank you all! I really enjoyed making this level so I am glad you all enjoyed/ played/ will play this level.
2015-08-24 23:08:52
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2015-08-27 08:38:28 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi
Excellent level!
Very nice designed and well-considered architecture
2015-08-27 08:38:28
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2015-08-27 14:17:22 / Author: Kato
I have just queued this! I will play it tonight.
2015-08-27 14:17:22
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2015-08-27 16:47:56 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
I think this was a really enjoyable level, loved how the pictures are in the background Awesome level =3 Very nice music as well, loved it too=3
2015-08-27 16:47:56
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2015-08-28 13:44:10 / Author: Kato
I got lost at only a couple of parts, but quickly found my way. I really super-liked the city portion of the level! I liked all the sky scrapers in the background and the billboards! There were lots of climbing contraptions, and some hero cape action. In other words, I really liked it! Great job!
You just cannot put this word in front of my Sackboy and not expect him to start posing! XD
2015-08-28 13:44:10
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2015-08-28 21:47:49 / Author: XZombieKing1999X

I know right! 

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you!! 
2015-08-28 21:47:49
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2015-08-29 00:57:08 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Your very welcome!

Here is a video of your level as well! ^^
Hope you enjoy! ^^
2015-08-29 00:57:08
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