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2015-08-15 22:38:41 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Hello everyone.

I have created lots guns and swords, some based on other games, but most based on real life.

In this level I show 25 original guns created by me, you can try most of them out.

Level: Realistic Guns Showcase

Gun features:

-Big models with full detail
-Suppressor (L1 to toggle)
-You can change between Full-Auto and Semi-Auto on all guns and Burst fire (only on AUG A2 and Famas G2)
-Real magazine size
-Shooting animations (eg. Bullet shells fly out)
-Reloading animations (eg. Magazine drops)
-Every gun has a different sound including with suppressor.

Weapons list:

-Desert Eagle .50
-Glock 19 - 9mm
-FN Five-Seven 5.7x28mm
-Golden Desert Eagle .50

Sub-Machine Guns:
-Micro SMG - Ingram M11 - 9mm
-FN P90 - PDW Bullpup

Assault Rifles:
-Golden AK-47
-Tactical AK-47
-Famas G2

Heavy Guns:
-M32 MGL - Grenade Launcher
-AA-12 Full-Auto Shotgun (Explosive Ammo)

Special Guns:
MRZ-14 Shock Rifle - from Unreal Tournament 4
AK-47 - with Vulcan Skin from CS:GO
M4A4 - with ASIIMOV Skin from CS:GO
FN P90 - with ASIIMOV Skin from CS:GO

If you want all these guns and more, you can by playing my level "The Speedrunners World" 

2015-08-15 22:38:41
Fox Stevenson
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2015-08-16 06:18:14 / Author: dakrrs
Definitely gonna check this piece of work out.

2015-08-16 06:18:14
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2015-08-16 21:58:59 / Author: Fox Stevenson

Hey, thanks for your feedback.
2015-08-16 21:58:59
Fox Stevenson
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2015-08-19 21:15:41 / Author: THE-UNKNOWN-ONE
Very nice work! excellent detail on the firearms! Really like the models! Personal favorites have always been the Five-Seven, P90 and M32! Soooooo thiller to have seen models of these!
2015-08-19 21:15:41
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2015-08-24 00:25:52 / Author: Fox Stevenson

Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm glad you liked them.

Feel free to suggest me other guns I could create.. Either from real life or from a video game.
2015-08-24 00:25:52
Fox Stevenson
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