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2015-08-06 01:40:24 / Author: shookie99
Hello all!  It has been a while since I have posted a new level.  I took a short break and now I am back to present my newest level called Where the Dust Settles.  The level is a platformer with fairly easy gameplay which involves the use of Toggle.  You will be switching between big toggle and little toggle a lot, as this was my intent.  I tried to use unique gameplay that was not repetitive.  The level has a musical theme throughout and the setting is kind of like a dusty cellar where there are a lot of things lying around.  You won't see any part of the level that isn't filled with all kinds of scenery so take your time to see all the intricacies.  Also, there are a lot of hidden and hard to get to point bubbles worth 2000 points each, solely for the high score hounds out there.  Anyway, here is the link and some pictures.  I worked on this a long time and any feedback would be great!
2015-08-06 01:40:24
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2015-08-06 02:18:47 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Oh this looks very interesting! I shall queue it ^^
2015-08-06 02:18:47
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2015-08-06 15:23:10 / Author: nerd_dog
Definitely will play
2015-08-06 15:23:10
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2015-08-06 22:14:53 / Author: jhonsiak
I loved the design of the level as much as the gameplay as well! Great job Keep it up
2015-08-06 22:14:53
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2015-08-07 08:39:19 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi
Great level!

So entertaining to use Toggles skills in this clever and beautiful designed platformer!
2015-08-07 08:39:19
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2015-08-07 09:49:36 / Author: Giftfrosch
Great level! I really enjoyed playing it. The way how you made advantage of toggles weight and size is exemplary! Keep up the good work!
2015-08-07 09:49:36
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2015-08-07 12:23:46 / Author: leftstickrightstick
This was an amazing level. Really liked the detail of the backgrounds as always with your levels shookie99!
There was so much more after the initial part we tested xD

Not sure how hard to piano parts at the beginning of the level were to create, but it was kinda sad there was so much of it at the beginning but not as much near the end xD

The music was very fitting too.

I think we only ended up finding 1 of the hidden bubbles.... guess we are gonna have to try this again XP

We recorded our full play through of the level already, and it should be up on our channel sometime this weekend!
2015-08-07 12:23:46
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2015-08-07 13:40:18 / Author: shookie99
Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback!  Glad you all enjoyed it.  And I look forward to hearing your commentary on the video @leftstickrightstick!
2015-08-07 13:40:18
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