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Sonic and the Ultimate Machine [Movie]

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2015-07-23 03:06:29 / Author: Chdonga

Sonic and Tails work together to defeat Dr. Roosevelt's newest weapon: the Giga Robo Sonic. Things aren't all as they seem when it is revealed that Giga Robo has a power that the hedgehogs have never seen before!!

This is an action/adventure movie with a hint of comedy. It is about ten minutes long. It's probably best viewed on the big screen but unfortunately LBPVita doesn't have Vita TV support. Maybe I'll remake this for LBP3 someday.

Don't let the aesthetics fool you. This isn't some goofy randumb Sanic wannabe. Watch the entire movie and you'll understand my design choice.
2015-07-23 03:06:29
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2015-07-28 14:21:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Chdonga,

just saw your level here in the forum and its already in my queue! I will play it probably this evening! Have a fine week and many greetings, Jürgen^^

now I've watched your movie and its been rather funny to me! You're telling a story and you're telling it fine! The style of the actors is unique, I liked it! One can feel that you must have had a lot of fun creating your level! So thanks for an funny entertainment and many greetings, Jürgen^^
2015-07-28 14:21:00
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2015-08-03 02:59:40 / Author: mdkd
I will make it in my queue and at this week I'm going to play it for sure.
2015-08-03 02:59:40
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