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Vita, less accuracy in % range than lbp2?

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2015-07-21 21:13:39 / Author: amiel445566
I'd recently been toying around with the Vita logic, and found that you couldn't get past 100%. This is fine and all, there are workarounds, but I found something else odd.

When getting lower than 2^-8, accuracy becomes abysmal. Your lose range of exponents past 2^-7, because anything past reduces mantissa to a lower accuracy. This becomes a problem when making analog compression because, to adjust for only being able to have small numbers, and still having to transfer their values, you end up losing 4 bits of data in just exponents. Along with this, you lose another 2 because of keeping 2 mantissa values set, to keep exponent values from shifting. Losing 1/6 of your accuracy is abhorrent, maybe I'm missing something?

IE: If mantissa range is only 4 bits and exponent range was 2 bits, the issue would represent like so. m(1001)e(-10) but shifting lower; m(1000)e(-11), mantissa loses a bit of accuracy.

tl;dr: Small values in data transfer mess up accuracy; only partially usable.
2015-07-21 21:13:39
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