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PlayStation Home's Central Plaza Top-down Tour: Remastered

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2015-07-20 21:02:00 / Author: AL2009man

I'm been remaking my pretty old LBP2 level for 4 months (by worktime: more than 18 hours of building) 

by remaking, I meant "Remastering".

wow, Remaking my old level based on PlayStation Home (RIP: 2008- 2015)'s Central Plaza (US Region). ever since PlayStation Home Closes it was pretty hard for me to recreate certain scenes, had to find Youtube Videos in order to actually start making one. 

you can play this level first before you actually start playin' the remastered.


*NOTE: Screenshots/video footages doesn't represent the actual level*

For original comparison sake! (due to limitation, I'm going to add just a link, sorry.  )

I'm planning to update this level to add additional design , improve certain location and fixes bugs. you're happy to send some feedback by replying here or on LBP Profile
2015-07-20 21:02:00
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2015-07-30 23:34:39 / Author: Girps
Bookmarked it, I use to play playstation home back in the day.
2015-07-30 23:34:39
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2015-07-31 06:41:17 / Author: Girps
Nice level! Alot of attention to details with the scenery and good use of audio to really make it feel like you're outside in an open world. You should try to make the bowling alley next!
2015-07-31 06:41:17
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