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Create Marathon 6: Official Information & Sign-Up Thread [PS4 ONLY]

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2015-07-19 02:07:52 / Author: Grayspence

The date of the event is going to be August 1st, (Saturday) and August 2nd (Sunday), 2015.

*Please be aware, that due to numerous technical and compatability issues, Create Marathon 6 will be hosted EXCLUSIVELY on the PS4 version of LBP3. Please don't be upset! We might have an extra special event coming in the near future for you PS3 players out there!

Hello everyone and welcome to the SIXTH CREATE MARATHON! For those who want to skip the boring stuff and get right to the nitty-gritty deets; you'll find the sign-up information at the end of this post. If you're new and want to know exactly what this event is all about, keep reading! I'll be sure to cover everything and try to answer any questions you may have below.

So, what IS the Create Marathon, exactly? 

The Create Marathon is an event that brings creators together from all over to create a level within a 24 hour time frame. Every creator that signs up will be placed into a team, and a group of 3 other creators, which will be their create partners for the entire event.

Let's quickly go over what makes up a Team:

A TEAM is made up of 3 groups, each group housing 4 creators. A single creator from each group will be the Group Leader, who will host the session and who will be in charge of handing off the level after their group's shift. In order to be a group leader/session host, you MUST have all of the listed DLC and a stable connection. If a group leader position sounds like something you can do, please specify in your sign up post! 

All 3 groups work on the same level in 2 separate sessions, each session spanning 4 straight hours of create time. When the session is finished, the group sends the level off to the next group in line. This means each group will have an 8-hour break before their second shift begins, so don't worry about being worn out!

If the group rotation cycle is still confusing (Probably) consult this timeline:

GROUP 1 ---> GROUP 2 ---> GROUP 3 ---> GROUP 1 ---> GROUP 2 ---> GROUP 3 ---> Done!
(This goes for both teams)
(If this doesn't help, you can always ask for clarification!)


In order to ensure that this event doesn't go into chaos (We've had a few rough patches!) We have to enforce a few rules that may be new to the event. They are listed below, and you MUST obey them if you wish to participate. (Please?)
1: DO NOT USE ANY DLC that is not in the permitted DLC list at the bottom of this post. We're sorry for imposing this, but we need to ensure that each group can access the level in create mode!

2: Ensure that during your shift, you stick to the theme that is pre-decided, and that you don't make it impossible for the next group to continue it! (I.E; Be as thermo-friendly as possible, stay on topic, and leave notes explaining things like custom logic that may be difficult to understand!)

3: Custom music is allowed, but remember that it must be created DURING the event, and that you should also be contributing to building the level as well, and you might not have time to finish the song.

4: Your co-operation skills, ability to create with others, and responsibility will be tested in an event such as this, so try to be the best team player you can! Sitting in a corner and creating by yourself isn't the point of this event! 

5: YOU MUST BE RELIABLE! Make sure you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you can make it to each shift, your co-operation in this regard is incredibly important, as finding replacements may be difficult last minute! If you happen to be late, or have to leave during your shift, we will call up a replacement for you. A replacement creator will not be chosen at random. Since the sign-ups are based on a first-come, first-serve basis, replacements will be selected from the pool of people who may not have signed up in time to reserve an official spot.

6: ABSOLUTELY NO, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANY CREATING FOR THE MARATHON OUTSIDE OF YOUR SHIFT PERMITTED. This rule is in place because other creator's visions and influence on the level may not be felt if it is overpopulated by things made by creators who are "working overtime". Please follow this rule as best you can, and if for any reason, you are absolutely CERTAIN that you MUST work outside of your shift, contact a Create Marathon overseer (Grayspence, KlawwtheClown), and the rest of your team before starting ANY work outside of your shift.

7: Please be considerate of every creator's vision for the level. It wouldn't be right to completely change something the previous group has done just because you don't like it!

8: Please do NOT use Infinite Thermo! It's very very broken in multiplayer and can hurt the level, so please completely avoid using this tool!


As this is the first Marathon hosted on LBP3, and on the PS4, we now have the capability of streaming via the PS4's SHARE functionality! There should be a check box that lets you specify if you are able to provide the masses with LIVE footage of your group's stupendous creativity!

We will try to fit at least one creator capable of streaming in every group. We will also host every streamer on the main LBP Marathon Twitch page, which will be created closer to the day of the event! Woohoo!

Now that all that boring stuff is out of the way; here comes the fun part!


 Please use this google form to sign up for the marathon! It is easier for you, and easier for the Marathon Team to keep track of applications! Inside this forum, you'll also find a list of DLC required for Group Leaders, and other information!

(Click to be taken to the form!)


---- Single team event ----












---- Dual team event ----



- History Kit
- The Incredibles Level Kit
- Marvel Level Pack
- Jon Burgerman Original Sticker Kit 
- Metal Gear Solid Level Pack
- Monsters Kit
- Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit
- Mm Music Pack 1
- Vera Bee Original Sticker Kit


- Summer Creator's Kit
- Autumn Creator's Kit
- Winter Creator's Kit
- Spring Creator's Kit
- DC Comics Premium Level Pack
- Move Pack: The Rise of the Cakeling
- The Muppets Premium Level Kit
- The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit
- Toy Story Level Kit


- Adventure Time Level Kit
- The Journey Home Premium Level Pack


You can also follow the official Create Marathon twitter account, @Create_Marathon for further updates!

Hope to see you all at the event! 

- The Create Marathon team
2015-07-19 02:07:52
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2015-07-19 03:57:39 / Author: KlawwTheClown
Did somebody say streaming?
'Cause streaming sounds like just about the best thing ever, doesn't it? Being able to tune in throughout the day in-between shifts to see how your level's coming along sounds great to me!
Also, we're going to try to be as flexible as possible with shift times this time. In the past, people have had to put up with some pretty crazy hours, so we're letting you choose your own shifts this time. Things might change, and we might need to make some tweaks in order to get a full team (or two) but we'll try to make sure everyone gets their preferred timeslots. There shouldn't be any last minute surprises like last time.
I liked the surprise but oh jeez nobody else did.
I may have copy/pasted this to the other signup threads. Don't judge pls.
2015-07-19 03:57:39
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2015-07-19 07:09:53 / Author: amiel445566
Wanted to be in this one so bad, but I'm leaving the state the day before it begins! 

(I'm going to rant a bit about the stream option in these lines, just an idea, feel free to ignore)

One question for this (since it's not specified in the rules, it could be a cool opportunity for more creativity, since it doesn't interfere with the 24 hours of creation) could anyone on the stream offer ideas through the stream chat? Don't know if that would be obtrusive to those creating (again, why I'm asking), but it could be a cool idea to get more ideas into the level. I love streams for there interactivity element, maybe this stream could have this in there as well.

Then again, this is for the creators vision in this marathon, and there may be some annoyances in the stream chat. There could be some trolls, people forcing ideas into the level, spam, etc.

2 ways of looking at it, one better than the other, all up to you awesome folk.

As for anyone participating, good luck to one and all, and I hope you create something awesome! Me, and tons more people will be there to cheer you on on Twitch (I'm sure of it)!
2015-07-19 07:09:53
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2015-07-24 22:51:29 / Author: RikoruDaniel
I'll confirm that I can stream.
2015-07-24 22:51:29
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2015-07-26 10:22:06 / Author: nerd_dog
amiel has a really good question there. I want to know this as well.
2015-07-26 10:22:06
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2015-07-26 19:11:17 / Author: Grayspence

Taking input from the stream chat is entirely up to the group at the time, but yes! input can be taken C:
2015-07-26 19:11:17
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2015-08-10 23:39:08 / Author: five-ate-five
Oh it looks like i am late Did this event happened? Awww
2015-08-10 23:39:08
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2015-08-11 02:07:36 / Author: Co-baseball246
It was canceled, one of the leaders dropped out and couldn't be replaced.
2015-08-11 02:07:36
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2015-08-11 05:27:50 / Author: amiel445566

2015-08-11 05:27:50
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