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How to use a memoriser?

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2015-07-16 11:54:21 / Author: SonOfSparda
Hi Guys,
First off - I watched the tutorial. In my opinion it just doesn't help much; Sumo only showed us the most basic use of that great piece of logic.

Lets say that I have a boss in my level, right? So how do I keep him "defeated" after coming back to a level?
What about checkpoints?

(*)Can I suspend the amount of lives that was available when player was quitting the level?
(*)Can player start a level from the last checkpoint he activated?

Please help ;-;
2015-07-16 11:54:21
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2015-07-16 13:03:33 / Author: Wezze85

maybe this can help

Didnt test it yet myself ill try when i log LBP just googled a little and found this hope it helps
2015-07-16 13:03:33
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2015-07-16 13:12:05 / Author: Co-baseball246
If you're on LBP 3, you could use an object saver.
If you're on LBP 2, you could use 2 memorizers. One to check if the boss has been defeated before by meeting certain conditions, and using the second memorizer with multiple ports to activate a certain checkpoint.
Activate the memorizers on start, and put player sensors around the checkpoints then hook them up to an input on the memorizer, then with the output next to that input hook it up to the checkpoint.

It's difficult to explain the memorizer without showing you, also I don't even see the memorizer in the popit in LBP 3.
Also it would be a bit difficult to suspend lives already lost, unless you would want to purposely take lives which then, would be complicated to do.
2015-07-16 13:12:05
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2015-07-16 22:24:44 / Author: amiel445566
If you are only looking to do this with memorizers, a tutorial I shall deliver! But Co-baseball246 was spot on with using object savers, a lot more thermo friendly.

BUT you asked for memorizers and that's what you'll get! 

For the boss save, all you need is to check 2 conditions in an AND gate hooked up to a destroyer on the boss (and whatever else is activated after you defeat the boss, like shutting off cinematics). The conditions you need to check are
1: Did the player just come back into the level? (so the boss can be deleted instantaneously as the player joins in)
2: Have you beaten the boss?

NOW, how to set this up is a bit tricky, as memorizers aren't completely easy to hook up with logic.
time for some awesome paint logic (NOTE I only have paint and am currently using a laptop trackpad, so expect greatness)
Inputs: To counter, the criteria for the boss defeat, and for the AND gate, player spawn
What this does is IF the boss is defeated, then it puts the data into a slot, and saves it a tick later (hence the delay gate plugged to the timer), then whenever the player spawns, the output is triggered

For the checkpoints: This is in an entirely different league of logic
it requires something called binary compression which makes the required slot use smaller by log2(n)

what you need to do is make a circuit that compresses an input into a binary representation (NOTE this only works if one input is on at a time). Lets say you have the checkpoint number 15 out of 31 checkpoints lit up, and you need it saved. The binary compression would turn 15 into 01111 changing 0000000000000000100000000000000 down to 01111. Even further, using analog compression can further compress the required slots by (1/32), so if you have 128 checkpoints in a level, first using binary compression changes 128 down to 7, then 7/32 from the analog compression, meaning 128 checkpoints would only take 1 slot. In order to take 2 slots, you would need 40564819207303340847894502572032 checkpoints. This only works if one checkpoint is on at a time.

This seems great and all, but it is SUPER complex, it would be better if I joined you and made the circuit there, I'm not about to make binary and analog compression in paint
2015-07-16 22:24:44
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2015-07-17 04:13:08 / Author: TheSangheiliGeek

This post has blown my mind.
2015-07-17 04:13:08
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2015-07-17 04:16:03 / Author: Co-baseball246
He started to lose me once the numbers got big. He could've used scientific notation.
2015-07-17 04:16:03
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2015-07-17 06:14:53 / Author: amiel445566
The checkpoint section is not meant to be understood, not really. It's too complex for a text post, BUT I hope that the boss save was understandable at least. I included all that junk about the checkpoints just to show how hard it is, to demonstrate why I cant explain how to make the logic fully in text
2015-07-17 06:14:53
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