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2015-07-15 19:39:13 / Author: SonOfSparda
Hi guys,
For a few months for now I'm proceeding with my adventure Mage3. I spent a lot of time designing and planing the levels (I made only 4 out of 11,but it's something xD) So basically I need someone to rate my levels, tell me what he thinks about them, and help me create the rest :

Plot (in a shortcut): 
Sackboy travel across the Imagineland in order to find Merlin - an archmage who could teach him the secrets of the Arcane arts. Instead of a peaceful atmosphere he finds out that Merlin's students went evil by a spell casted by the ghost of Aurora - former Merlin's apprentice seeking revenge on her master...



  Catelyn - a fire-wielder - casts fire spells without a wand; rough; rebel; intelligent
  Sigma - an ice-wielder - casts ice spells without a wand; very intelligent; smart;
  Visarius (Vis) - a lightning-wielder - casts lightning spells without a wand; hungry for power; never gives up


Basically the level design is based on medieval/fantasy concept.

-Forests of Ystormund (Hub) :

(*)Cutscene - Prologue
(*)Training Grounds 
(*)Castle Rush!
(*)Castle Rush! | The Lock (Boss fight; accessible only from Castle Rush!)
-A little light
-Fire and Ice (Boss fight)
-Darkstone Chapel (Hub) :

(*)Forests of Ystormund | Darker Side
(*)Abandoned Land: Heart of Corruption (another name: Grande Finale! ; i can't deciede :/ )
-A promise of peace (interactive cutscene)
-BONUS - (after finding all secret painting pieces) Enemy form afar
2015-07-15 19:39:13
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2015-07-17 23:11:03 / Author: five-ate-five
Looks nice, maybe add more visible level link strings, looks kinda messy without those
2015-07-17 23:11:03
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2015-07-18 00:12:02 / Author: Co-baseball246
I'd like to rate your levels, I'm always in the mood for a different kind of adventure to play. While I'm at it, I may find some way to exit the level. I seem to do that in levels' or just entirely find someway to exploit it. You know? Push it to its limit.
2015-07-18 00:12:02
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