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2015-07-13 00:43:14 / Author: mdkd
I'm sure that some of you have seen my old thread about this level,but there are some great news!
Well, I'm still at installing stuff and editing everything,but it still takes some time.
Whatever,I have some great news:

-I have changed the menu at the start of the level:
-You can edit the volume for the music
-You can activate a cross,which makes clear,in which direction you are shooting.
-The design is different

-The gun sounds are edited.Now they sound more like you 're shooting on a mountain and in the house it sounds clear
-The footstep sounds are the same,but I have made new sounds for a wooden and a metal ground.In my opinion they sound great!
-The map design has changed a little bit.
Here are some pictures with a discription:

Here are my plans:
-Install 2 more guns
-EXTRAS for the player
-a special menu for the guns and extras
-New patches for the zombies (I hate it,when their arms are falling of)
-I also want to extend the engine
Some players have said,that my game is the best zombie shooter in LBP Vita.Do you agree?
Anyways,here is the link again:

As always I thank you for reading!See you tomorrow.  
2015-07-13 00:43:14
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2015-07-19 08:24:40 / Author: amiel445566
I'll try it out soon, sounds great!
2015-07-19 08:24:40
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2015-07-19 08:28:23 / Author: FreddyFerrari
That looks awesome !
2015-07-19 08:28:23
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2015-07-19 08:48:00 / Author: Wezze85

I just played your level and it looks promessing i didnt get rlly far (4th place) because i got stuck on the bullet cassings on the floor, and also the zombies get stuck behind containers.

The bullet cassings on the floor make it allot harder while the zombie that get stuck behind stuff (containers,..) makes it easy.

hope you can fix this 

I'll have another go when i have more time.

Nice work!!!
2015-07-19 08:48:00
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2015-07-19 09:43:48 / Author: amiel445566
Played it, time for a review!
Since this is a beta, review date:
July 19th, 2015

The TL;DR for those looking to play the level:
6.5/10, some gameplay flaws and good level design

Things you should fix:

(*)The zombie spawning. The zombies' spawning was repetitive and predictable, intervals of ~.5 seconds, and a new zombie would come out of the manhole, immediately after you killed the former. Some randomization to the timing (and even to the location) of the spawns would improve the feel of the zombies.
(*)The progression. The difficulty is a constant, you are plunged into a hoard of zombies, not giving you time to figure out what to do, it feels less of immersion and more of panic to figure out the controls. Getting to second place on the scoreboard, I never felt any difficulty increase, despite being in there for nearly the longest.
(*)The controls. Your movement (feels pretty good) except for getting stuck on the environment. You get stuck on casings, walls, and props (which is also an issue for the zombies as well). This also messes with your aiming system
(*)The aiming system. The vita aiming system is kind of loose, so aiming on it constantly may be an issue. It could work in this instance, except when you let the joystick up, it flips your aim off angle. This is difficult when you are aiming and moving and you want to let up on the aiming, because your aim veers away from the incoming zombies.

Hope this doesn't seem like I hated the level, I actually enjoyed it. I just hope this helps you improve your beta  
2015-07-19 09:43:48
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2015-07-19 20:10:36 / Author: mdkd
Thank you for playing and reviewing.
It was a long time without plays.Whatever,
I will change MANY things.The full version will have more stuff and less glitches.
Actually I'm the best,when it comes to these shooters on the VITA I guess.
But I want to say something:
- There are three waves with zombies getting stronger
- Making a random spawn system would be different for me
- I will split the aiming to the two sticks,which means that you can aim with the right stick and the left stick
- Getting stuck on walls in normal.You can't automaticly jump off of the walls.The zombies will get over the boxes and cars.The zombies will try to get inside the house.It's not really clever,but this will be fixed in the full version.
2015-07-19 20:10:36
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2016-05-31 19:18:10 / Author: mdkd
Hey again. 

There won't be a shop with new stuff, but I updated it. Small changes on the level design and logic on the character. I have also updated the whole audio stuff. New gun sounds, new grenade sounds, new background sounds, new reloading sounds and also new sounds for the knife attack. I really like it. 

I will add pictures soon.
2016-05-31 19:18:10
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2016-09-20 16:56:37 / Author: mdkd
You know what? I am really interested into your opinions. Do you think it would be cool to add a shop here?
2016-09-20 16:56:37
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