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Ultimate Blast Force [1-4 Player]

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2015-07-13 00:33:50 / Author: SackboyFriend
After I got my PS4 with LBP3 I wanted to make a new Level.... 2 years afte I played LBP2, where I had created nothing 
So here I want to present you my new Level: Ultimate Blast Force (click for link)

I´ts a kind of the good old Bomberman, but it´s way more 
There is a singleplayer and a multiplayer mode. In the singleplayer you have to complete tricky stages by using Bombs and of course your brain 
The Multiplayer is like a bomb-survival game. You have to eliminate the other players with your bombs or with special powers. The last survivor is the winner. You can play on 4 different arenas, where each arena has it´s own special features. If you don´t like the structure of one arena you can simply build your own. And if 4 players aren´t enough, you can start to broadcast on twitch or ustream and let your community to play with you.

Sounds interesting for you? Then add this level to your queue and have fun 
Oh, and feel free to report me Bugs if you find some. I´m very happy about every comment
2015-07-13 00:33:50
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2015-07-13 02:35:27 / Author: nerd_dog
I've added it to my queue
2015-07-13 02:35:27
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2015-07-13 04:32:41 / Author: FreddyFerrari
That sounds very interesting
2015-07-13 04:32:41
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2015-08-04 19:33:00 / Author: leftstickrightstick
This is a great attempt at recreating the bomber man games, a few little areas that annoyed us, just because it felt different to the bomber man games, in terms of fluidity of everything. However, this is the best attempt at remaking bomberman we've seen so far!

Though you say its way more... not really sure where the way more was? I guess we didn't look into enough detail of the menus etc, maybe too distracted bt the original bomber man elements xP

Will try it again at some point soon. Definitely lots of replayability in this level!
2015-08-04 19:33:00
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2015-08-12 17:03:07 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
This was a fun level to play !  I loved how it resembled Bomberman! ^^ It felt nostalgic playing this xD Congrats on the team pick as well!

Here is a video of the level too

Hope you enjoy^^
2015-08-12 17:03:07
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2015-08-19 21:41:18 / Author: THE-UNKNOWN-ONE
JUST LIKE BOMBERMAN! Haha! Loved it! Loved the fancy menu too! Very professionally made! Great work!
2015-08-19 21:41:18
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2015-08-29 07:22:23 / Author: dragonicfire
A couple bugs I noticed in multiplayer. A lot of the time when I would play the multiplayer, I would go in with 4 people but sometimes it would not spawn in a 4th player. Not entirely sure if the 4th HUD is bugged or if it's cause of the game lagging out the one player.

Another bug I also experienced is when trying to start a new map on the same session, it would lead to a person controlling another person's sackbot. So it gets kind of confusing at all. I don't know how much of this is the game's doing and whatnot. Just though I should report the bugs.
2015-08-29 07:22:23
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