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2015-07-10 19:02:53 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Hello everyone

We were not able to import your passwords to this new site because they’re encrypted. 

That means you won't be able to log into your account for the first time by using the normal way.
But don't panic you won't loose your account

So here is the way how to log into your account:

Way 1: 
Use the "forgot my password" function when you try to log in. You will have to enter the e-mail address you have used for your account. A mail will be sent to your e-mail address. It includes an activation link, when you click on it you will get linked to the forum with the notice that a second e-mail has been sent. This new e-mail address includes a new password for your account, use it to log in. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the e-mails.
This is the simplest way how to log into your account and you can do it by your own

Way 2: 
If you have no access to the e-mail address you used for your account -  maybe because it is a fake e-mail - or you can't remember the e-mail address you used long ago

Administrators can change your e-mail address so you can use the first way.
But you have to verify yourself, we need a proof that this is really your account.

How to verify yourself?:

Log into your account on the old Forum ( and visit this thread.
The only thing you have to do there:
Write a post with the message: "I need help"

One of the following persons will send you a private message in the old forum with the next steps:
DeKa1357, FreddyFerrari, Zaphir (Administrators)
Hanfi1311 (Tech. Support)

If you have any further complications, contact us in a different way and we will find a solution / PSN-ID: FreddyFerrari / PSN-ID: DeKa1357 / PSN-ID: Glitchx0R

Questions? Ask them!

- Freddy -
2015-07-10 19:02:53
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