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E3 Wrap Up

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2012-07-15 00:37:00 / Author: DefaultPunk
E3 may be over for this year, but that doesn't mean that the anticipation that it left behind is! Tell us your thoughts on what games you cant wait to get your hands on. Personally I think the Last of Us looked amazing!
2012-07-15 00:37:00
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2012-07-15 23:40:00 / Author: DeKa1357
I don't know if this games were on E3 but I wait on LBP Vita, LBP Karting and Resident Evil 6! The new Star Wars game is cool too, also GTA IV!
But the best is Karting!!!
2012-07-15 23:40:00
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2012-07-19 16:44:00 / Author: DefaultPunk
Oh definetly looking forwards to GTA V! Ive never really played a star wars game before, but from your level of enthusiasm I take it I'm missing out?
2012-07-19 16:44:00
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2012-07-28 12:57:00 / Author: Maxatrillian526
ACIII, Dishonored, LBPK, Star Wars 1313, The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider and ZombiU stick out of my mind at this moment, they look awesome
2012-07-28 12:57:00
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2012-07-30 12:45:00 / Author: Jaeydan
As a huge Naughty Dog fan, I am definitely looking forward to The Last of Us!
2012-07-30 12:45:00
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