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2012-12-20 15:32:00 / Author: piratebay87
If you play minecraft, you may want to try this out. This is how your minecraft can look when you install this mod. If you want your minecraft to look that amazing, go here: and download this mod from mediafire. After you have done that, go here to download optifine. Note: Do not use mcpatcher first! If you have, it can make you get the black screen. To prevent this:Follow these steps to prevent a possible "Black Screen" problem when installing OptiFine:
1. Temporarily revert back to the Default Texture Pack.
2. Uninstall the HD Textures, HD Fonts, and Better Grass mods from the MCPatcher. These functions are included in OptiFine.
3. Set Graphics to Fancy
4. Install OptiFine and test with the Default Texture Pack to make sure everything is working.
5. Select your previous texture pack and graphics settings
6. Run Minecraft and enjoy scroll down and find the appropriate version. Note: This mod only works with 1.3.1, I know it hasn't been updated -_-. After you have done that, open your minecraft.jar by holding the windows key and then pressing r, after you have done that type %appdata%. Once there, click on the folder .minecraft, then click on bin, and left click on your minecraft.jar file, then right click it, and go to open with (winrar or whatever archiving program you use) then open optifine. Now close your bin, you won't be needing it anymore. Drag all of the files from optifine into your minecraft.jar, note: If you see a folder call META-INF delete it immediately, it will make your minecraft crash from installing any mods. If you don't see a META-INF folder its not a problem, just skip that step. After you do that, close optifine and your minecraft.jar. Then open up the mod. Click the Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shader's Mod. (It's the only file there), then open the INSTALLER. Note: You need Java for this to work, but who doesn't have java? It will open up in the Java SE Binary, after it appears, click install in the corner at the top. It will start downloading, loading backup files, etc. After its finished, close it, and run minecraft. Note: update it first for HD textures but not the version, keep that 1.3.1. After you do that, run minecraft and you should have a beautiful world. If you have any questions please ask me. Also if there's something that was unclear also please let me know that. I hope you guys enjoy this mod .
2012-12-20 15:32:00
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2012-12-21 03:28:00 / Author: piratebay87
Ok sorry guys the forum wouldn't let me edit my post, but the mod is actually compatible with 1.4.5, sadly, 1.4.6 is out , and there is yet to be a update 4 the mod, but it will come soon .
2012-12-21 03:28:00
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2012-12-21 18:12:00 / Author: piratebay87
Note: You must extract the files to a desktop folder first, then install, if you don't it may cause problems
2012-12-21 18:12:00
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2012-12-22 02:33:00 / Author: jhonsiak
try to avoid triple replies
2012-12-22 02:33:00
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2012-12-22 17:48:00 / Author: piratebay87
Oh I know jhonsiak, but it wouldn't let me edit my posts, or I wouldn't have done it...Sorry
2012-12-22 17:48:00
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