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2013-01-06 11:40:00 / Author: mardrizzle
has anyone heard of them if not ill explain what they are there computer generated software that if you input songs the'll sing them there very popular Japanese pop idols although not all of them are well known and not all of them are Japanese some are English some are bilingual all there songs are fan made they do concerts except they do them as holograms here is one of there songs by a female vocaloid called Hatsune Miku called world is mine: here is another song by another female vocaloid named Kagemine Rin called i like you i love you: and here is another one by a male vocaloid named Kagemine Len called hot cacoa: and here is one where Rin and Len sing toghether: Rin and Len look alot a like becuase they were supposed to be twins but the company never went threw with it the same person who did Len's voice did Rin's voice a female did both there voices thx for reading i hope you enjoy the songs you can read more about the vocaloids on there wiki
2013-01-06 11:40:00
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2013-01-06 11:44:00 / Author: mardrizzle
it wouldn't let me edit my post but the song where they sing toghether is called butterfly on your right shoulder
2013-01-06 11:44:00
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2013-01-07 12:15:00 / Author: Deleted User
better than these dumb rappers there good but i hate rin and lin
2013-01-07 12:15:00
Deleted User
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2013-01-30 14:00:00 / Author: Littlebigbrick
I watched this it was really good!
2013-01-30 14:00:00
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2013-01-30 14:02:00 / Author: piratebay87
2013-01-30 14:02:00
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