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Tearaway 1-week Digital Download and retail pre-order Bonuses mis-packaged. Mm team needs your input.

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2013-12-04 08:51:00 / Author: WyomingMyst
Hello LBF community,

I do not often post here, but I wanted to spread the word out to anyone who has purchased Tearaway either within the first week as a digital download on the PlayStation store or as a pre-order from participating retailers that there was a bit of mixup and after a slew of tech support calls and finally reaching to everyone's favorite LBP community leader, StevenI, MediaMolecule and SCE seem to finally be fixing it, but they want some input from anyone who pre-ordered the retail version of the new PS Vita game.

StevenI wants to make sure none of the retail pre-orderers who got a code did receive the correct goods (which I believe they did). So if you got a download voucher code on a receipt from your RETAIL purchase of Tearaway and did not receive everything listed below, please sign into your PSN and respond on this topic on the official LBP boards.

Both the retail pre-order and the one week release digital bonus was to include the following downloads from the PlayStation Store:

- Atoi and Iota avatars for your PSN
- Tearaway Music Soundtrack for PS Vita
- Tearaway Music Soundtrack for PS3
- Tearaway Alternate Skin + Papercraft Template for PS Vita
- Tearaway Minipack for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita for PS Vita
- Tearaway Minipack for LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3
- Tearaway Minipack for LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3 - This is the item that is missing to digital copy owners so far

Digital owners confirming those in the US/Canada regions have stated they have instead received the PS3 version of Tearaway Competition Pack which was released last September for all LBP2 and LBP Vita players.

Also please note, the digital bundle offer has now EXPIRED! If you purchased yesterday, today or later then you are out of luck to getting any of these items. I should also note retail pre-order codes are based on the participation of each retailer so if you did not get a code at all, then there is nothing I expect Sony or Mm can do about that.

Again if you pre-ordered and purchased the retail copy and got a code which received all of these items, let StevenI know you are good to go, if you got anything wrong let him know too!

Please note the Tearaway PS Vita Home Screen Image which is also listed in the description is NOT directly downloaded from the PlayStation Store but through the internet. So I did not include it in the list of things to look out for.
2013-12-04 08:51:00
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2013-12-04 10:27:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Wow! I didn't pre-order Tearaway and that's why I haven't got that problem but it's good to know that this problem exists. I'll ask some friends later. Thanks for telling us!
2013-12-04 10:27:00
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2013-12-04 22:25:00 / Author: DeKa1357
I pre-ordered it on amazon and there were no costumes in the description, but another pack with music and a vita background. But I can't find the background on the store to download it.
2013-12-04 22:25:00
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2013-12-05 08:36:00 / Author: WyomingMyst
As I said in my last paragraph, the Tearaway background is not in the store at all. It's just a .jpeg image for your LiveArea screen... save it on your computer and then upload it manually into your photos on the PlayStation Vita... here is the web address for it.
2013-12-05 08:36:00
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2013-12-05 15:16:00 / Author: TheAngler2010
yes that happened to me and it also says on mine 1.00 (trial and error) opposed to 1.01
2013-12-05 15:16:00
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2013-12-06 11:31:00 / Author: WyomingMyst
New update, the LBP team is working with the PS Store team for North American digital download customers to get their missing LBP2 costumes. Yay! It should not be too much longer.
2013-12-06 11:31:00
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2013-12-06 18:26:00 / Author: TheAngler2010
2013-12-06 18:26:00
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2013-12-11 17:50:00 / Author: Tikaki-MooMoo
I didn't Pre-ordered it!
2013-12-11 17:50:00
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2013-12-21 18:45:00 / Author: TheAngler2010
I got a message from psn with it in an attachment for the pack so its all good now
2013-12-21 18:45:00
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