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2013-10-16 06:36:00 / Author: ToonLucas22
One of my brothers got GTA V and I LIKE IT! no no no...I LOVE IT! D
Especially because you can use multiple characters and play missions in Online Mode!
2013-10-16 06:36:00
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2013-10-16 17:22:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Ya so many people are telling me to get this game, i've never played a gta game before so i don't want to waste $60 and end up not liking it... I will probably get it for pc some day. But I feel like i'm missing out playing with all my ps3 friends!!!
2013-10-16 17:22:00
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2014-01-02 03:12:00 / Author: DeKa1357
I love this game! It is one of the best games ever! All the witty dialogues and actions! Everything was perfect! And so much work was put into it! Kudos to the developers!
2014-01-02 03:12:00
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2014-01-02 04:55:00 / Author: LBPChannel&Sacko53
Got a few GTAV Screen captures to share

This photo was taken on the 25th December 2013, I was playing GTAOnline and went to Trevor's place and it's pouring down snow!

Found a Rare taxi ( I used save editing to get it )

Sadly I lost this car because some freak randomly gave me a chromed hearse for no reason and i lost it. RIP little buddy
2014-01-02 04:55:00
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