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Sealed Fate Chapters 1 and 2 on Youtube!

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2014-09-20 06:34:00 / Author: TheJamster1992
hi everyone on my channel i cover a ton of community levels as well as my own project which is 95% done and has featured on Anyhow i am the only one to have recorded the sealed fate levels by felkroth which are some of the best levels on lbp 2 and most people don't play due to freezing!
if you like my videos subscribe as their is over 800 more and more coming every week, more that any other youtuber.

I have also included my channel trailer for those who want to know more, my youtube name TheJamster1992

thanks and if you want to see more feel free to subscribe!
2014-09-20 06:34:00
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2014-09-20 08:22:00 / Author: Deleted User
2014-09-20 08:22:00
Deleted User
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2014-09-20 08:54:00 / Author: nerd_dog
has absolutely nothing to do with lbp3.. why did you post this here?
2014-09-20 08:54:00
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2014-09-21 11:42:00 / Author: Kuroneko
Sealed Fate is hands down, LBP's greatest level
2014-09-21 11:42:00
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2014-09-25 01:19:00 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Looks awesome! I love sealed fate, one of the best levels in LBP ! Been trying to play it and record it myself actually but every single time I play, it freezes my PS3!

Anyways, like nerd_dog said, this has nothing to do with LBP3, So you should put this in the Media Section in the Chat Section.
2014-09-25 01:19:00
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2014-09-25 08:06:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Moved it to Media
2014-09-25 08:06:00
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2014-09-25 19:34:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Super interesting! Thanks for sharing
2014-09-25 19:34:00
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