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2015-02-05 07:30:00 / Author: argetlam350
One of the biggest exclusives coming out for PS4 this year is a game from the mind of the man who was behind Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game takes place in the plagued city of Yarhnam were some form of disease is plaguing it's residence. We don't know why we are there so much ourselves but we have seen some of the first twenty minutes of the game. So far we have gotten to know several areas of the game, one being the Chalice Dungeon which will be different for everyone since it will be a randomly generated dungeon underneath the entirety of the city of Yarhnam. You will decide if you share it with others in jolly cooperation or not.

One big difference between this game and the Souls games is the fact shields are out and guns are now in replacement for them to use as a means of crowd control and stunning enemies. The game also is faster pace, still don't think the difficulty that is usually with Souls game will not be there, it will still be a challenge.

Currently IGN is having a whole month of coverage for the game right now so I'll probably be updating this every day since this is the big game I'm excited for this year. So who else is ready for the nightly hunt?
2015-02-05 07:30:00
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2015-02-19 09:43:00 / Author: argetlam350
New trailer:
2015-02-19 09:43:00
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2015-02-19 10:53:00 / Author: 211Nickey
Bloodborne has shields.
2015-02-19 10:53:00
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2015-03-02 15:13:00 / Author: argetlam350
New boss revealed:
2015-03-02 15:13:00
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