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2012-09-06 08:42:00 / Author: Deleted User
Heyy LittleBigForum Users's

I'm sorry. the information came to late.
Here's the Trophy List by LittleBigPlanet Vita.

Five Hidden Trophies

Chases the Aces ? Complete 10 Story levels in a row without being killed
Prize Collector ? Find and collect 50% of the Prize Bubbles in Story levels
House Proud ? Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod
Multiplier X5 ? Score a X5 multiplier in a Story level
Multiplier X10 ? Score a x10 multiplier in a Story level
Scoreboard 50% ? Place in the top 50% of a Story level containing more than 50 scores
The Tourist ? Complete a community level
Tired of Life ? Accumulate 20 deaths in one Story level
First Among Equals ? Win a 4-player game
Social Animal ? Complete a level with more than one player
Pianist Pioneer ? Play ?Do Re Mi? on the piano in La Marionetta
Insert Coin ? Complete all achievements in one game from The Arcade
25 Online Versus Wins ? Win 25 Versus community levels against at least one other online player
Queued Up ? Play a level that has been added to your Queue
Finger Cramp ? Bash 1000 bonces in ?Bonce Tappin?
Double 11 ? Play ?LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita? at 11 minutes past 11
Aspiring Director ? Publish a cut scene level
Fashionista ? Change your costume
Creative Spark ? Spend 10 active minutes in Create mode
Share and Share Alike ? Publish a level
50 Unique Players ? A level you published was played by 50 unique players
Mindful Vandalism ? Place a sticker or decoration on another player?s sackperson
Balancing Act ? Balance another sackperson on an object while lifting it with touch
Quick Badge Job ? Publish a level with a custom badge created from a Camera photo or an in-game photo
God Complex ? Spin any of the planets 720 degrees with a single flick
Mr. Know-It-All ? Watch all the tutorials
40 Yays! ? Give positive feedback on 40 community levels
Everyone?s a Critic ? Submit a review for a level
Happy Snapper ? Upload a photo
Just a Scratch ? Spin the LP disc in Jackpot City
Rising Star ? Collect 50% of Skill Rewards in Story Mode

Complete Story Mode ? Complete the main path of the Story
Scoreboard 25% ? Place in Top 25% of a Story Level scoreboard containing more than 50 scores
Complete 75 Cooperative Levels ? Complete 75 unique Cooperative community levels
Hi Score ? Collection 1,000,000 points over all story levels you have played
Time Well Spent ? Play ?LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita? on every day of the week
Multiplier X15 ? Score a x15 multiplier in a Story level
Obsessive Collecting ? Find and collection 100% of the Prize Bubbles in Story Levels

Aced Story Mode ? Ace the main path of the story
Get a Life ? Spend 1440 active minutes in Create mode
Arcade Champion ? Complete all achievements in all games from The Arcade

Earn all ?LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita? trophies.

2012-09-06 08:42:00
Deleted User
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2012-09-06 08:46:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Cool! Thanks for telling us
2012-09-06 08:46:00
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2012-09-15 08:49:00 / Author: TRaciti
"Get A Life" trophie XDDDD
2012-09-15 08:49:00
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2012-09-15 08:51:00 / Author: pate59
Hey, can we see Vita trophies through PS3?
2012-09-15 08:51:00
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2012-09-15 08:58:00 / Author: TRaciti
2012-09-15 08:58:00
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