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2014-05-25 12:29:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Took me a month to finsh my latesg lvl, but now its done. I need again a few beta testers for my new lvl. Jetpack based If you want to try it: Pls report me EVERYTHING you think I have to change. Pls take a good look about the cams aswell. Lockbox code is 18591. you can find the lvl on my earth, post the code and play it! Pls write everything here on this thread, or on Twitter, send me a private msg whatever...

Thx for reading

Here is a link to my lockbox:

2014-05-25 12:29:00
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2014-06-24 10:05:00 / Author: NobodyVII
Hi, could you have a look at my Hero cape levels and my jet pack based level called Flame out?
2014-06-24 10:05:00
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2014-06-24 11:06:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Why arent you making your own thread about your lvl. I will defintely check it out if you post it on LBF Vita
2014-06-24 11:06:00
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2014-06-25 13:39:00 / Author: NobodyVII
how do i do that?
(im use the psv to send this... so the real question is how do i do that from a vita?)
2014-06-25 13:39:00
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