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2014-06-26 20:18:00 / Author: NobodyVII
I have ideas on what would be great in lbp psvita. If anyone else has ideas too, share them... im sure some one will read them...

right... my ideas...
First of... I would like to see more cheaper or free costumes. or release a mega bundle...
I would like to see costumes based off things like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and err Mickey Mouse... (i know what your thinking... copyrights and stuff...)

Also a better way of getting people to play your levels... a new levels button that shows latest publications?
level templates... didnt lbp1 have some? or was that psp?

the psp dlc made compatible with the vita version... theres a lotta cool costumes... and level backgrounds...

(i think i will post more ideas to this thread when i thinks of some more ideas...)
2014-06-26 20:18:00
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2014-06-27 00:23:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Thx for sharing. I would like to see some lbp2 dlc here. AOG or Paintinator
2014-06-27 00:23:00
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2014-12-30 19:46:00 / Author: ratalsoni1
I agree, a paintonator would be amazing, and maybe now that lbp3 is out they could move some new tools into the vita. I've looked around and found a few people that have made thier own paintonator look-alike or glitched it in, and I've made one of my own (that is very nice).

I feel like the community costume creativity is amazing, they can make almost anything with decorations and stickers. That being said, more expansive costume dlc's would be welcome (not much has been added recently).
Also on the dlc's the vita feels a bit neglected because all the seasonal/holiday themed content seems to take a bit longer to be available (from the store on the ps vita).

Level-wise there is a lull in good levels, most of the stuff that is published look like they are slapped together in a minute. It's not so much that the creativity isn't present, but there are no more good/original ideas being bounced around. I'm pretty sure the release of lbp3 has something to do with it, there has been a migration over there (I myself don't own it yet).
Anyway those are my thoughts.
2014-12-30 19:46:00
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2014-12-30 19:52:00 / Author: Sandro8708
I dont agree with adding the new tools to lbpv, thats makes it even more laggy. I hope for a new lbp by Tarsier in the future on maybe a different console
2014-12-30 19:52:00
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