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2015-03-21 14:11:00 / Author: mdkd
Hi guys,this is my first,true post.So I have got a project:
BWZ-Russian area

At this game you have to kill zombies for points.At my recent levels you only get this points to get new health,grenades and a good highscore.
But at this one you can buy guns and probably perks.This is the new update for my BWZ levels.
You are a sackboy and you have to kill this zombies!
Here's one sentence of a review:
?This is probably one of the best zombie shooters in LBP Vita!?

But I think you want to see pictures or screenshots,right?

It's one of my longest projects!It's in progress since July 2014 I think.All this time I made little editings.The motivation has left me at that time.But now,where I am in a new forum and the holidays from school aren't so far anymore I get new motivation.
Oh yeah,I'm from germany,so don't exspect that I speak english perfectly.
But I'm trying.

Whatever,one important information:I do have a YouTube channel,where I'm going to make videos about my projects and levels from BWZ (BattleWithZombies).Here is the channel trailer:
Thanks for reading!

2015-03-21 14:11:00
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2015-03-21 17:20:00 / Author: nerd_dog
this looks really cool man! I.. sort of don't have a vita, but I might want to at least take a look at the videos when you start doing those
2015-03-21 17:20:00
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2015-03-22 03:43:00 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
I don't have Vita. But i'll surely play it if i'll get it for Christmas. 0_0
Just... It looks like a Spin-Off game or something! I can see it's good already!
2015-03-22 03:43:00
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2015-03-22 04:13:00 / Author: mdkd
Thanks for your replies.
2015-03-22 04:13:00
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