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Top or Flop episode 21

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2013-04-06 08:22:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Hello everyone for another time

Here you will see the 3 new

Let's start:

Sacred Cavern
By alain251

A very good level but with some mistaces. It is long and it has some beautiful obstacles. We all understand that StevenI picks levels with some mistaces.

Some reviews in the level:

- Very well detailed ! You're getting better and better to each level you make, Lovely atmosphere ! Indeed, you are an amazing creator who's making a level as good as possible knowing you're not on the game since a long time ! Keep creating !

- Very relaxing level with a lot of details and cool platforming

- Very detailed and funny platformer. The gameplay and soundtrack are perfect to the design and effects. Easy gameplay for everybody to play and I hope after all your fantastic levels you now become with this level your first Mm Pick. You deserve it.

Gameplay: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Design: 8.5/10
Audio: 9/10

RATING: 8/10 Top


Motocross Mayhem
By ladylyn1

Some reviews in the level:

- This level was very well designed and it was fun to play! I really liked the challenging jumps and the boosts was a nice touch. The music was terrific and it suited the level very well. Great level Ladylyn!

- Supreme level Ladylyn1, never fail to amaze me and this is no exception. The gameplay was fun and well though out, and the start menu is lovely! The obstacles where fun, but maybe a bigger variety of obstacles and dangers. Al-in-all great level!

- This is by far the best Minigame I've played. Keep it up. Nice menu , Nice Game over all! I can't Wait to see what you have planned next.! Play,Create,Share! Good Job Lady!! MM pick.

Gameplay: 7/10
Originality: 6.5/10
Design: 5.5/10
Audio: 7.5/10

RATING: 6.5/10 Okay


By PiMu

An amazing level with a lot of logic. It deserved the Mm Pick.

Some reviews in the level:

- I dont know why this is so underplayed. There isn't any game of this kind, this a great game in every aspect, and deserves a lot more recognition. Mm Pick!

- Wow! Amazing creative game/level, I wasn't expecting this at all I loved the creative and unique intro as well as the general gameplay, brilliant!

- Incredible mind relaxing puzzle game. It's tons of fun and could probably play it forever. I heard of this before and now can finally be played in LBP2. Incredibly well made. Good work!

Gameplay: 5/10
Originality: 6/10
Design: 2/10
Audio: 5.5/10

RATING: 4.5/10 Flop

Today we have 1 Top , 1 Okay and 1 Flop.

If you have different opinions just post them down...

That's all for now!!
See you soon
2013-04-06 08:22:00
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2013-04-09 11:16:00 / Author: Le Lotus Bleu
Intereting topic concept, so here's my thoughts.

I think the MM picks level quality has decreased since a long time.

The Alain251 for example by the past would never been selected coz despite some obvious graphics qualities, there's a big lack of creativity, it's very basic platform, furthermore zero construction around i mean no building of a special universe, a story, little dialog for example, or cinematic. Last but not least the level despite being very detailed is quite short.
Not a bad level but according to me not MM pick level even if he's french and me but objectively not ranking high enough.

Same verdict for Ladylyn1, despite being talentuous creator by the past , i'm not big fan of her recent moto levels, quite always a bit the same style, ok there's a nice menu but it's quite limited for a mini game to my taste. I'n not probably not as much into 2 wheels as the MM's community manager.

The Tangram level surprisingly to me got picked, ok the concept is good but honestly, Tangram is just an adaptation to a famous oriental game, it is like Mah-jong for oriental people. Tangram was released on Atari & Amiga at the time so it's not new ^^ Furthermore the logic isn't very clean, it's quite permissive for the assemblage & normally Tangram concept is based on its strict solution. I don't speak about the design quite basic, i've seen better & more genuine puzzles these days.
2013-04-09 11:16:00
Le Lotus Bleu
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