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Top or Flop Easter Special episode 20!!!!

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2013-03-30 06:32:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Hello everyone for another time

Here you will see the 5 new Easter

Let's start:

A Farm of Easter Egg (Platfomer)
By Tropical_Guner

A good Easter level with some brilliant opstacles

Gameplay: 7/10
Originality: 7.5/10
Design: 6.5/10
Audio: 8/10

RATING: 7.25/10 Top


Easter Farm (Platformer)
By Xx-Chris-59-xX

A very good platformer level.

Gameplay: 7.5/10
Originality: 7/10
Design: 6/10
Audio: 7/10

RATING: 7/10 Top


Super Bunny (1P)
By chaosgear

Gameplay: 8/10
Originality: 7.5/10
Design: 8.5/10
Audio: 7/10

RATING: 7.75/10 Top


Happy Easter (platformer)
By bigsurf77

Gameplay: 9/10
Originality: 8.5/10
Design: 9.5/10
Audio: 10/10

RATING: 9.25/10 Top


Easter Egg Farm
By dansku1698

Gameplay: 5/10
Originality: 4/10
Design: 5.5/10
Audio: 7/10

RATING: 5.5/10 Okay

Today we have 4 Tops and 1 Okay .

If you have different opinions just post them down...

That's all for now!!
See you soon
2013-03-30 06:32:00
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2013-03-30 07:39:00 / Author: ToonLucas22
Sorry, but something is wrong with this, you give just simple info and not point out the things of it, and in some others you didn't give any info
You can actually get some time to think about what info give, instead of just saying "A good level." or "A very good level."
Also, you misspelled "obstacles", you wrote "opstacles" on accident

Other than that, nice episode! ^_^
2013-03-30 07:39:00
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2013-03-30 08:48:00 / Author: DeKa1357
Nice Episode jhonsiak!
2013-03-30 08:48:00
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2013-03-30 14:12:00 / Author: Seleven7
I question your ratings. The visual stylings were trite, the obstacles overdone (not clever like you said), and the levels were overall very unimpressive. I think I should make all of the Top or Flop threads.
2013-03-30 14:12:00
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2013-03-31 02:31:00 / Author: jhonsiak
l put these rating because:
1. It is Easter and if you see all the ratings in special episodes are high.
2013-03-31 02:31:00
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2013-04-09 10:53:00 / Author: thejamfam

Your arrogance makes me sick.
2013-04-09 10:53:00
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2013-04-09 11:28:00 / Author: Le Lotus Bleu
There's always been a tradition to have MM seasonal picks, i'm ok with that. But this time i thought they gave too much into easter egg level, they weren't bad for sure, but honestly nothing brain-blasting compared to older seasonnal MM picks.
2013-04-09 11:28:00
Le Lotus Bleu
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