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Top or Flop episode 40

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2013-08-27 12:01:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Hello everyone for another time

Here you will see the 3 new

Let's start:

Gal-Axis - Tilt Based Survival (1P)
By Arastoph

Some reviews in the level:

- That was a very fun and exhilarating level my friend. Congratulations on the Mm pick at a few plays. I really like how you got the camera to look that way because it was like a circular pinball table. The score orbs were fantastic the way the popped up all over the place. This is by far the best Mm pick ever. You should make more of this! It's awesome. You are a very good creator. This level took time out of months to make though. So i really think he deserves a break. Great job dude

- Wow... Probably one of the best mini-games I have played! Brilliant everything! Enough said! Wait... never mind... one more thing! This deserves way more plays!

- Great minigame but I suggest you to remap some of the controls. (L1 and/or R1 to go outer lane, L2 and/or R2 to go inner lane)(Also you can remap O to square which will make it easier to alter between boost and slow down)

Gameplay: 7.5/10
Originality: 6/7
Design: 5.5/8
Audio: 3/5

RATING: 22/30 Okay

Dungeon Break
By Tynz21

Some reviews in the level:

- Awesome and fun level! Its great that theres some nice hard difficulty in this so its enjoyable to play over and over. The visuals where also very high quality as well. Great work my friend!

- WOW, that was intense. Skeleton got me good I gotta say 10/10 Special effects were awesome, my favorite level in LBP. TrĂªs bien! I would Mm Pick this any day. and can you guys stop booing other peoples reviews for the top?

- Great level, but the gameplay is far from perfect. I'm sure there will be updates and additions to come in the future (all of which I will be looking forward to). Other than some minor flaws: A-Class level

Gameplay: 8/10
Originality: 5.5/7
Design: 6/8
Audio: 3.5/5

RATING: 23/30 Top

Error Issues!
By marpolo

Some reviews in the level:

-Such a beauty! One of the most incredibly enjoyable levels I have ever played. You can go far with creative talent like this! Real fun, addictive gameplay with a brilliantly designed menu to squirt the icing on the cake! Loved it; soon returning! Mm Pick!

- I love the level design and the great idea. The gameplay was pretty fun although i thought using the D-pad would be much easier to use rather than a joy stick also movment is kinda slow but awesome game!

- Incredibly addictive. I can't believe theis was Mm Picked in just one day! and Rightfully so! It is very unique. I havent seen another like it! Well done and congrats! The design Is also awesome! The intro makes it easy for the player to understand!

Gameplay: 7/10
Originality: 5.5/7
Design: 5.5/8
Audio: 3/5

RATING: 21/30 Okay

Today we have 1 Top and 2 Okays .

If you have different opinions just post them down...

That's all for now!!
See you soon
2013-08-27 12:01:00
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2013-08-27 20:06:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
I didn't like the tilt based survival, personally I thought it was a bit slow... But I'm sure it was hard to make!

I havent played dungeon break yet.

I really enjoyed the error issues level! It totally caught me off guard and I think it's awesome!

Congrats on getting picked Everyone!
2013-08-27 20:06:00
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