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SPECIAL! Top or Flop VITA episode 6

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2013-02-24 19:13:00 / Author: yugnar

Welcome to Top or Flop VITA episode 6!

...And prepare yourselves for an special episode! This time we have a HUGE amount of picks, and of course I played and reviewed every single one of them.
To keep things light though, reviews are small and concise. I know your time is precious! Let's begin, shall we?

Spot Light is a brilliant idea of a silhouette-themed level, but lacks of fun gameplay or any admirable sound effects. The graphics are absolutely amazing though, and the race through the level makes it a little more exciting.

Overall 6/10 OK.

Renegade Assault is an absolute brilliant RPG style game that uses Vita's functions perfectly. Even though it can become a little repetitive at times, and graphics can become a little messy or just too simple, this level is a must-play for everyone.

Overall 7/10 OK.

LukeCF has created a smart minigame that must really have a ridiculous amount of work in logic behind, but that really lacks of being truly entertaining or being graphicly attractive.
The menus are unresponsive, and even though it is a great idea it could have used a little more work.

SOUND 5/10
Overall 4/10 Sorry, but this is the first bad I've ever given. Don't believe it deserved a Team Pick, but its an awesome minigame nonetheless.

Logic guru Evret began working in this minigame masterpiece adaptation from a game in the PS Store. This level's full story was featured in a Sack it to Me post! This level is so beautifully polished, it can be compared to the previous minigame I reviewed but without its major flaws.

Overall 8/10 YAY!

Little negative stuff can be said about this brilliant platformer. The polish that often caracterizes japanese creators can be clearly felt in here, in a platformer that is both innovative and fun. Only lacking at times in the graohics aspect, this is one of the best platformers available in Vita so far.

Overall 8/10 YAY!

I had the incredible honour to BETA test this level, and kindly Taffey/tsr13 included my name in this almost perfect level in the credits. Therefore I considered oportune to leave a small review in his level thread, and I thought it would also be fitting to include it here, so there you go:


Usually what you'd dislike about looong levels is that you eventually lose interest for them. Even with fancy save functions people tend to play the first chapter(s) and leave to never return. HA! This is FAR not the case. With brilliant gameplay mechanics, awesome and LOL-able story, great characters, settings, animations, logic, puzzles, OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST LEVEL EVAH I LUV YOU! So yeah.


As I already said in the presentation, this is just the perfect mix for all kind of players. Beautiful and charming humour was excellently developed, making it the exact opposite to a boring experience. Man, even though its 35 mins. long I swear there was no time I felt not even slightly bored. Even the instructions were freaking hilarious!

I have to mention the spectacular use of the 3D glitch. It fits the level OH SO WELL! That glitch was created for this kind of levels. Not necessarily heavy-gameplay, but more puzzle and cinematic oriented.
Another thing I absolutely admire from this is the amount of content it has. You could touch the same object again and again and get lots of different speech bubbles. I must admit I didn't really felt like playing "another game", but in this case it isn't bad at all. The amount of originality and fresh feeling in this is overwhelming.

I'd love to leave a deeper review but right now its about 00:00 a.m. in the morning so I better go!


-Even though I think this level is near perfection, I was thinking... As this is a Team Pick I can assure you're its getting thousands of plays from people all over the world. And even though English isn't my mother tongue I spend such a ridiculous amount of time in forums and chats that I had no problems understanding the LOLCAT beautiful grammar, and the Nazi-grammar-killer-spelling of the Sackbot; but I guess it could be a really painful lecture for people that just doesn't know English too well. Anyway, on the other hand, you shouldn't change the dialogue at all. I don't have a really clear solution for the problem, maybe a button for disabling some of that nasty writing? You know, for the LOLCAT-hearing impaired.

-Man I loved the dialogues.

-I had to mention this. I totally loved this reference XD

-And last but not least I really wanted to thank you for the mention at the credits! Little as my contribution was for the testing, I really hoped it helped modelling what has become one of my favorite LBP levels ever.

-End of review-

Overall 9/10 YAY!

Hope you liked this episode, don't hesitate to leave your own comments and opinions below, I wanna hear them! 'Till next time folks! Yugnar off.
2013-02-24 19:13:00
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2013-02-24 21:07:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Great episode Yugnar! I totally agree with all the ratings
2013-02-24 21:07:00
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2013-03-19 16:04:00 / Author: yugnar
Working on next episode hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow!
2013-03-19 16:04:00
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2013-12-26 17:14:00 / Author: kyesty
I like this episode!
2013-12-26 17:14:00
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2014-03-10 19:33:00 / Author: L-i-m-i
when is the next Top or Flop? TSR's level is by far my favorite vita level so far, you are spot on with your review
2014-03-10 19:33:00
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