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Top or Flop l Episode 49

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2014-08-09 17:08:00 / Author: GooeyGhost

Hello there! We had an amazing round of picks this week and it's time to rate them. Will they be a Top, maybe an OK or a Flop? Let's find out!
Let's see what some people said about this level:

Super impressive level packed with fun and a beautiful interface! Amazing job!

Gameplay 9/10
Originality: 7/7
Design: 8/8
Audio 4/5

So we're giving it a:

Now! We recently had the fifth edition of an event called the Create Marathon. This event consists about teaming up handful of creators and working together they have to create a level in less than 24 hours. We're super happy to see this levels with an ol' little pink bow so let's se how they did!
Let's see what you guys think of these levels:

The create marathon drives creators to their limits. It's fun seeing so many people work together and give out such fun levels to our community. You all worked super hard and that's why we're giving Create Marathon 5 a:


Our friends down at Rocket Cheetah made a preview video for this week's picks! Why don't you check it out?

Well that' it for this week! What do you think, would you change any scores? Anything! Let us know down at the replies!


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2014-08-09 17:08:00
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