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[PLCC5] Steves highest challenge

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2013-05-07 09:03:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Hello my friends

This is my thread about my level I document my work on my PLCC5 entry.

1st May
I saw there is a planetarium contest for vita so I decided to build an entry for the competition

First I had to think about the theme and i decided to take that blue wood material and that other ( dont know how the english name is

I was thinking about the ballpoint pen and how I can use it a special way than I decided to use it as a helicopter that follows you.
This is my drawing
and this is the real ballpoint pen

Next Days:
I created short pieces and glued them together to one big piece.

# I decieded to add the grabling hook
# I thought about obstacles which use the front touch and rare touch and tilt function of the vita
At first I build the part in the middle with the grabbling hook and than started to design the flying obstacles
# Than I build the Start
# Added all point bubbles and glued them
# Designed the level on the last days and added the flying ballpoint point technology
# Thought about name and description


- It was harder than I thought to create a good microchip for steve (the pen)
- Had to create something again because I forgot to save the level
- The purple sponge that is moving from the bottom to the top broke (Some kind of a bug)
So Please dont judge to hard when there is sometimes a big gap between the purple squares
- Had to find a good name

My steps:
#Thoughts about obstacles
#Thoughts about the ballpoint pen
#Build first parts
#Build some other parts
#Build Start
#Build end
#Added pointbubbles
#Added technology
#Designed everything
#Made level icon and description

Thanks for reading.
2013-05-07 09:03:00
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2013-05-07 12:04:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Wow sounds awesome Freddy! Hope you win!
2013-05-07 12:04:00
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2013-05-08 09:15:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Yeah..... I'm sure with your creating talent you will absolutely win.
2013-05-08 09:15:00
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