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Will there be support for LBPKarting?

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2012-08-08 02:40:00 / Author: pate59
Does anyone have anyidea is there going to be support or something similar for LittleBigPlanet Karting? I wasn't in Beta so I don't know if there was any but I'd really like to know.
2012-08-08 02:40:00
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2012-08-08 04:07:00 / Author: BillyCrash100
Nice question. There was no such thing in Beta, but I hope there will be. Maybe not, it could be another site.
2012-08-08 04:07:00
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2012-08-08 04:37:00 / Author: pate59
Well they should use the same site, I mean there's LBP1 and LBP2 levels too. So there could be a Karting section or something. I see no point at making a new site.
2012-08-08 04:37:00
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2012-08-18 18:11:00 / Author: TRaciti
I am pretty sure that it will support both LBPK and LBPV on They will update the site and have a new section including it all.
2012-08-18 18:11:00
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