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2012-12-24 14:30:00 / Author: Smokescreen_5
Hi sackboys and sackgirls. I figured I'd stop in and say hi. I've been playing the series since it first came out. Have platinum on LBP and Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, 2 trophies away from getting it on LBP2. I don't have a Vita, but I have a PSP. I haven't played much of LBP on PSP though. I got LBPK for Christmas and have started the first world. Reminds me a lot of Modnation Racers. Then I looked to see that it wasn't made by Media Molecule yet it was by San Diego Studios and United Front, who made Modnation Racers, which explains it all. Kind of fun, but you can tell its different. Anywhos, I was just curious if anybody has any more of the codes for the preorders. Such as Kevin Butler and his Golf Kart, or the Headstart Pack, or the United Front Games General Costume and Arcade Cabinet Kart. If anybody does, or knows how I can get them, let me know. Thanks!
2012-12-24 14:30:00
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2013-01-28 00:40:00 / Author: Littlebigbrick
I'm pretty sure a lot of people that pre-ordered have used there code so you'll be lucky to find one. Keep looking though!
2013-01-28 00:40:00
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