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2013-03-07 12:07:00 / Author: ToonLucas22
Well, its a game where we build as if it was a city, here are the rules:
Things you can do can add homes, example, jhonsiak's house can add decorations, sackboys and gardens to the city can add multiple-way roads, example, 2-way roads, 3-way roads, 4-way roads, etc.

Things you CAN'T do
You can't add random, messed up, nonsense or copyrighted drawings (unless the copyrighted ones are from LBP)
You can't add things on the road, you can only add it near or far away from the road
You can't add leetspeak, chatspeak, netspeak, insultspeak or any other kind of unpleasant speakings, only normal English
You can't put something to the city if that thing is aleready on the city, execption goes to; jails, houses, roads, stores and gardens

Q: Do I need to start over? A: No, you don't need to start over, the post shows the image, just right-click it then choose "Save image as..." or whatever is written
Q: Why we can only put normal English? A: Because the other kind of speaks mentioned above is a bad thing to put in everything, no matter if you don't know how to write normal English, these kind of speaks are DENIED, you can get a English teacher, thought
Q: Where did you get the idea? A: Here
Q: What if we run out of space? A: We are going to increase the size, if it gets too big, we'll put a spoiler
Q: Where do we upload the images? A: I basically upload them to Photobucket, but you can upload them where you wan't!

Ok, here's the image:
2013-03-07 12:07:00
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2013-03-09 10:11:00 / Author: jhonsiak
2013-03-09 10:11:00
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