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Would you rather? Episode 6: Sunday Funday

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2013-06-16 10:29:00 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Hello this is Episode 6: Sunday Funday of WYR. I know you guys think of these as spamming , I do too. DeKa has told me not to stop these so until further notice from DeKa they will not stop.
Rules are not as simple today, yes you tell your opinion, but then you write your own Would you rather under it,
WYR have a crown, or a pizza?

You post: Crown, Would you rather have a crown or a Mm Pick?
Next post: Mm pick, Would you rather... and so on.

Would you rather have 10 or get a and one
2013-06-16 10:29:00
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2013-06-16 10:30:00 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
DeKa has spoken, lol. DeKa told me to do these every two days. See you guys Tuesday
2013-06-16 10:30:00
Posts: 416

2013-06-17 04:17:00 / Author: jhonsiak
If I had 10 mm picks I think I would have at least a crown too.
2013-06-17 04:17:00
Posts: 1535

2013-06-17 05:39:00 / Author: yugnar
Hummm... I go for the crown and one pick. :/ Truly hard decision though.
2013-06-17 05:39:00
Posts: 766

2013-06-17 08:35:00 / Author: DeKa1357
Crown and 1 Mm Pick!

PS: You don't need to make it all 2 days! You can make also all 3 or 4 days! But not every day! That's too much!
2013-06-17 08:35:00
Posts: 1806

2013-06-17 09:29:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
lolz all 3 to 4 days is still too much^^ And why are there only noob-questions. I bet the next question is: Do you hate more mortal kombat levels or bombsurvival Just my opinion
2013-06-17 09:29:00
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2013-06-17 14:12:00 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
I would want ten . No im not, ill never do anything related to copying on WYR.
2013-06-17 14:12:00
Posts: 416
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