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Double Dragons [LCPSP]

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2013-07-25 02:53:00 / Author: Schark94

Double Dragons (LCPSP)
Created by: Schark6000

A storm has come and the dragons are hungry. Run around the Dragon Wheel and avoid the obstacles!

Ohai everyone!

This is my first vita level. It's a revitalized version of an old PSP level that you might have played before. I changed everything that was possible, this is not a copy. The most important change was adding lots of new obstacles and improving the gameplay. Each two rounds (rotations) a new obstacle appears.

There is a prize for getting 3 stars. You can get the 3rd star only if you make it into the final round, when all obstacles are active (it will start when you get 2300 points). You will need to master the level if you want to win the prize. It's not supposed to be easy.

Play alone or with your friend (max 2 players allowed).

Special thanks to Pulparindo, VelcroJonze, Yugnar and Woutery (the guy who broke into my level <_< ) for testing it.

I think that's all, I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to ask any questions.
2013-07-25 02:53:00
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2013-07-25 06:01:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Looks great! Queued
2013-07-25 06:01:00
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2013-08-01 04:01:00 / Author: Schark94
Thanks for feedback.
2013-08-01 04:01:00
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