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2013-10-04 01:23:00 / Author: DJAkbar
Hey, I just finished the first chapter of my new level "Susan and Bird" where you play the character of Susan, a little girl who loses her mum during an air raid on the german town of Dresden during the second world war. After she survives the raid hidden in the basement of her house she is a changed person. She is brave enough to go out there and look for her mum. What's so special about this artistic black and white level? In order to progress through the destroyed town you need to switch over and control Susans bird (who is conveniently named Bird). There is some platforming but the main focus lies on puzzles, mostly triggers and keys.
I would be happy if you give it a try and let me know what you think. For getting an indea of the art work I will upload some pictures below.
Here's the link so you can put the level in your queue:
2013-10-04 01:23:00
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2013-10-04 01:50:00 / Author: DeKa1357
Looks awesome!
2013-10-04 01:50:00
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2013-10-04 02:28:00 / Author: DJAkbar
thank you. i concentrated on the looks and the gameplay. i have to admit it got quite dark in the end. but i had to decide if i want it to look exactly as i imagined it or if it should be possible to be playable outside/with a lot of light. seeing as this is quite a dark and sad tale i went with the first. i hope it wont be a problem for anyone. just put the ps vita brigthness to max. have fun playing it.
2013-10-04 02:28:00
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2013-10-04 04:45:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Looks great! Queued
2013-10-04 04:45:00
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2013-10-04 09:11:00 / Author: Biorogue
this is soooo queued. looks cool.
2013-10-04 09:11:00
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2013-10-04 09:29:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
I will try to check it out! looks awesome
2013-10-04 09:29:00
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