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2013-12-08 08:56:00 / Author: Papp-CASS_777
This is my newest level, as well as my first post on this site!

Its called The Time Trigger, its a RPG-Fighter type of level, there is only 2 battles in it so far because this is kind of an intro level to a series, its mostly made to get the story going and give you a taste for the combat, i've worked on it on and off now for quiet a long time now and just got around to publishing it. there is still some things i would like to add but i want some peoples opinions on the level, combat, and story as well...

here are some pics

Have fun and enjoy my fellow sackfolk!
2013-12-08 08:56:00
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2013-12-08 10:24:00 / Author: DeKa1357
Looks great!
2013-12-08 10:24:00
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2013-12-08 12:42:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Sounds cool, it's definitely in my queue
2013-12-08 12:42:00
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2013-12-08 21:48:00 / Author: DeKa1357
I played it! It's a great level with nice visuals and good gameplay but the cutscenes and talking people are too much!
2013-12-08 21:48:00
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2013-12-09 10:53:00 / Author: Papp-CASS_777
thanks DeKa I kinda felt the same way after a couple playthroughs, the next level will be mostly fights with a little story and much shorter cutscenes, still need the story but in the next one i want people to enjoy the experience, I'm gonna try to make it more interactive!
2013-12-09 10:53:00
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