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2014-02-05 05:54:00 / Author: OveReAction
Hi guys! I'm back to share you guys an another remake!

Flappy Bird has become the new trending app, after Angry Birds and Candy Crush. It's so addicting, yet, it makes anyone's blood boil! It's a very challenging game that only has a simple rule: tap to flap. The game also tests your reaction, timing, and concentration as the physics can be a bit pain in the rear, while trying to avoid pipes.

The game looks so simple, in fact, I made a very close identical game on LBP Vita which plays like the original! Only the physics are quite different, but this one might be better!

Game courtesy of .GEARS Studio

P.S.: The level is also in Portrait mode.
P.P.S: It took me almost a day to make this (cumulatively).

But please, don't throw your Vita. It's obviously expensive!
2014-02-05 05:54:00
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2014-02-05 12:53:00 / Author: Biorogue
ha ha, looks pretty good. I had started a jokey remake on LBP2 called "Flippy the Freaked out Flappin' Bird." I'm not using fancy sticker panels and animations and all that. I'm using the bird from the Gardens in LBP1. Ha!
Anyway, I shall queue your level.
2014-02-05 12:53:00
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2014-02-05 21:22:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Hehe, this game is so addicting! It's already in my queue
2014-02-05 21:22:00
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