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2014-03-09 13:00:00 / Author: spacemonkey187
Notorious Productions,
in association with The Ghost Creators are proud to present


" Daylight is but a distant memory. As the years pass by, all that remains is darkness and pollution . Deep below a long abandoned industrial facility we find Echo, who refuses to believe that the whole world is like this. Surely there must be some small corner of the world where the sun still shines? "

Features :
Silhouette theme - guide Echo through over 15 different scenes.
Jumps - Double jump / Air jump
Echoes - Use the Echo feature to interact with the environment.
Atmosphere - Adjust the playing experience with the option to turn the music on and off.

Screenshots :

Level Link :

Special thanks to everyone who helped with testing.

2014-03-09 13:00:00
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2014-03-09 13:02:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
OMG! This looks beautiful! Levels like these make me want to but a vita Anyways it's queued for if i ever get a vita :3 Good job!
2014-03-09 13:02:00
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2014-03-09 13:10:00 / Author: Biorogue
Echoes2 has got to be the biggest waste of time ever. The visuals are the worst ever and the gameplay just terrible.
Wait, today is NOT opposite day? Shoot! Well then take the opposite of what I just said. This IS the best.
Tom, I don't know how you do it man. I don't know if you somehow got hold of some extra secret tools or what, but those visuals are absolutely stunning. Excellent work brother.
2014-03-09 13:10:00
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2014-03-09 13:25:00 / Author: yugnar
This looks awesome! Gonna get it queued naaaoh
2014-03-09 13:25:00
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2014-03-22 13:52:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Can't wait to play the 2nd part! Already in my queue
2014-03-22 13:52:00
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