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The Hub to access all my basketball and wat-ketball levels! v5.5

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2014-06-02 12:20:00 / Author: Ogox34
You'd like to play a basketball match with your friends, but they're so far from you and you only have your ps vita and your Little Big Planet video game near you? So, you're lucky, because I've made (and I'm making) many basketball and "basketball-with-water" (wat-ketball) maps for you to play with your friends! Do you want to know where they are? From this level, you'll be able to access every basketball and wat-ketball map (and a minigame) I've made:


Extra info

Version 5.5 adds:

---> 5 new achievements. Now all the achievements might work correctly. Now, there are 11 achievements.

+---> There are, now, 4 pages of achievements.

---> Three maps have been updated to make possible getting the new achievements.

---> Added secret achievements.

Achievements info

---> Brown trophies = bronze trophies.

---> Silver trophies = silver trophies.

---> Yellow trophies = gold trophies.

---> Red trophies = "best player trophies" (diamond, platinum or whatever trophies).

---> Blue trophies = secret trophies.

Achievements guide

(Bronze) · Randomize map 5 times.

(It can only be obtained from the HUB) Press the "Random map" button five times; it has to be on different times. It's found in the "basketball" and "wat-ketball" maps selection.

(Silver) · Play every single map and minigame.

(It can only be obtained from the HUB) When you touch a map to play it, you'll see a warning. By pressing "YES" in all the map warnings you'll get this achievement. There're 8 warnings (including the warning from the minigame and the training map).

(Bronze) · Score 500 points in "Hoop King".

Play my "Hoop King" minigame and do that!

(Silver) · Score 1000 points in "Hoop King".

Play my "Hoop King" minigame and do that!

(Gold) · Score 1500 points in "Hoop King".

Play my "Hoop King" minigame and do that!

(Red trophy) · Score 3000 points in "Hoop King".

Play my "Hoop King" minigame and do that! (Scoring 3000 points will give you an absurd prize... But it's actually a prize!)

(Secret trophy) · Press the music button 100 times at one sitting.

Press 100 times one -or every- of the music buttons found in the HUB without going out of the level.

(Secret trophy) · Press everything that's pressable in the HUB at one sitting (except for the warnings an the "Random map" buttons.

Touch every single music button, "go back" button, map button (but don't press the "YES" in the warnings to go to the map that you selected)... And even the "Coming soon" boxes! They are touchable!

(Bronze) · Score 3 special baskets in the wat-ketball map "Rain Island".

In the "Rain Island" wat-ketball map there are three extra hoops at the top of the level. You have to score three baskets after throwing the ball throught those hoops. It isn't needed to be done at one sitting.

(Bronze) · Score 20 baskets while training (at one sitting).

In the training map, throw the ball into the hoop 20 times. It's easy! (I think).

(Bronze) · Jump on the jumpers of the low level of the "Now at home" basketball map 75 times at one sitting.

In the "Now at home" map there are three levels: top, with a platform in it; medium, where the ball appears; and low, where you might fall, at least, five times in a match. This low level has 6 jumpers. Move while jumping on the jumpers (don't stay motionless, because that won't help you to get this achievement). After doing that 75 times, you'll get his achievement!


I hope you enjoy my basketball and wat-ketball maps, my minigame and getting all the achievements!


2014-06-02 12:20:00
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2014-06-02 16:29:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Hmm, the link didn't work. Any news on a new link?
2014-06-02 16:29:00
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2014-06-02 21:08:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
I fixed the link, also queued!
2014-06-02 21:08:00
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2014-06-02 21:38:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Thanks Pyro, queued!
2014-06-02 21:38:00
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2014-06-03 06:53:00 / Author: Ogox34
Wooops, sorry!!! When I updated the HUB and the Hoop King minigame, I hadn't time to update this post too

Thanks for fixing the link, for queing it, and sorry!

I really hope you enjoy the maps, the minigame and I challenge you to get the six achievements! (They'll be more in future updates >)
2014-06-03 06:53:00
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2014-06-04 07:55:00 / Author: Ogox34
Version 5.5 released!
2014-06-04 07:55:00
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2014-06-05 05:00:00 / Author: Sandro8708
2014-06-05 05:00:00
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