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The big four - four unique levels

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2014-07-11 15:04:00 / Author: scarybiscuit
I have published four unrealated levels to say thank you to all the players out there who have supported me, and I have reached 900 creator hearts.

So here's a list of the four.

Hero survival top down shooter.
Fly across a 3D city and see how many aliens you can take down in a set time.

Wishes - realm of the shadows
The shadows have taken scarybiscuit, make your way through the shadow realm. In this eye candy level. Testing by smartysloan.

Tearaway- stamp collector
Someones has blown all the stamps across paper craft world, jump, touch, grab your self across the land and collect the stamps on the way. Testing by smartysloan.

Little big Ninja 3D adventure
The zombie hordes have taken over little Ninja's kingdom. Travel across the land using your ninja skills in this epic 3D
adventure. Thanks goes to smartysloan for the testing.

Sorry for posting all four together but thought it made more sense as a collection.

Hope you enjoy them
2014-07-11 15:04:00
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2014-07-12 22:10:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
2014-07-12 22:10:00
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2014-07-13 07:02:00 / Author: Biorogue
in the queue
2014-07-13 07:02:00
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2014-07-14 15:17:00 / Author: Sandro8708
I think all lvls are nice, but well...

Hero survival: awesome stage, good idea for a concept, but it was a lil bit boring. Pit work to it and it is amazing like it looks.

Wishes realm of the shadows: silhouette platformers are mostly bad if you dont use a sackbot. You used a sackbot with simple gameplay and lile always a amazing background and xou show how to ise sticker panel. Great lvl Dude

Little big ninja: 3D cam lvl! Amazing, thag was fun to play. The only thing K didnt like was fighting so many scary biscuits ? Nothing againdt you )

Tearaway. I like seeing Tearaway in a new light. Using some gameplay reminds me to the story gamepöay is cool too. Nice lvl.

Keep up the great work. Sometimes I have rhe feeling you could even do it way better and I know you can do it. Keep creating Thx Scary
2014-07-14 15:17:00
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