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2014-08-22 11:41:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Aura is my next level I've spended a month to make, this time based on bubble gameplay, collecting bubbles to get to your goal, the lvl has no real story, just a neon place, getting to the scoreboard. You will get a race sticker once you finished the lvl the 1st time and igs also a highscore challenge again, so try to get the highscore, always excited to see how much you get. Tip: i made some fance bubble combos and secrets to get a higher score, look out for them and be fast

Design is not that special, cz I cant come up with a good concept on psvita, its only based on the colour blue in a dark place. K also used the 1st time a lot of light object.

Feel free to leave a review and pls report me bugs, thx for reading

Here is the lvl link:
2014-08-22 11:41:00
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2014-08-23 09:57:00 / Author: LBPVs Villain
The link didn't work for me but I'll check it out!
2014-08-23 09:57:00
LBPVs Villain
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2014-08-23 10:02:00 / Author: Smuffy04
Since the link didn't work I went through the trouble of finding it myself: Link

2014-08-23 10:02:00
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