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2014-11-16 09:38:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Hello LBF

I've been working on this level for half a year, took me a lot of time, brainstorming ideas and new concepts of how to use water gameplay. So try it out

Blue Lagoon used to be the next level after my first platformer: Sand Hills, but this tIme I wanted to spend more time on it and not only 3 days. You start your way getting from the beach to the water and finding your way to the end while playing inside- and outside of the water. I made easy gameplay for a better way to play with friends. I think more creator have to try out water levels. Get inspiration aswell

Here is the level discription:

I present a underwater level called Blue Lagoon. Explore the deep underwater world of the beach and get to the scoreboard. As always try get a highscore. I also hide some special bubbles and a easter egg. Enjoy it Pls report me bugs, if you can find some.

Level Link:

Get wet and bye
2014-11-16 09:38:00
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2014-12-26 10:36:00 / Author: ratalsoni1
Hey, I know this is kinda old but I played all your levels and blue lagoon was amazing! If you've hear me say it before, I still mean it, fantastic level. I could tell you out a LOT of effort into it!
2014-12-26 10:36:00
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