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2015-05-16 01:22:00 / Author: Tevlon1

Hey Sackfriends!

I finally got myself to finish Tiles for LittleBigPlanet Vita
I started working on this level over a year ago and totally forgot about it.

Your goal is to jump the ball from tile to tile. Light grey tiles can be jumped on 1 time, medium grey 2 times and dark grey 3 times. You skip a tile when jumping from a blue tile. Complete a level by removing tiles until only 1 remains. As you complete levels, the level size (difficulty) increases. This happens every three levels, marked by a change of the background colour.

The levels are all generated, so the chance of getting the same level twice is close to zero.




Some key features compared to the LBP2 version include:
- Faster level generation (close to no loading screens (only at the beginnning))
- Choice between three difficulties: Novice, Advanced and Expert
- Score mode (score points for completing levels, but only 10 tries) and Endless mode (an endless amount of levels and tries, but no score)
- Memoriser. Automatic progress saving
- Smoother/clearer controls (ball movement and menu navigation)

I really enjoyed working on this again and finishing it after all this time. I hope you like the end result
2015-05-16 01:22:00
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2015-05-16 02:28:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Haven't seen a LBP Vita posted here for a long time, looks cool
2015-05-16 02:28:00
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