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2013-02-15 02:31:00 / Author: ethan23lol
Hello everyone! I'm from Moons in Motion at and would just like to point out that the applications for our LBPV creation group is now open!

The creation group's psn is currently AvinchMC as Sam2hip is in charge this tie and you can only have one psn on the vita :l


The Moons In Motion is the LittleBIGland create group for the original LBP/LBP 2 for the PS3 and we have decided to branch out to the latest game from the LBP series, LBP Vita. We basicly do what it says on the 'tin'. We create levels for the LBPV community to enjoy.


Manager(s): AvinchMC +EthanH23 (me)
Creators (Needed): AvinchMC + EthanH23
Supporters: stonecreek1

We Need You!
If you would like to join the group, first, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Own a PS Vita and LBP Vita
2. Have 1 level on either LittleBIGplanet 2 (PS3) and/or LittleBIGplanet Vita
3. Have at least some experience with LBP 2 (PS3) and/or LBP Vita
4. Have an account over at (so you can take part in out private mini-forum over there - for project discussion.)

If you meet these requirements, you can either:

Send a message to AvinchMC or myself (SuperSackboyFan) on PSN with the name of your level you want us to see (please also state which game).


Reply to the thread over at: with your PSN ID and a link to the level you want us to see.

Note: Do not send a friend request! Once you have been accepted AvinchMC will send one to you. ( He will most likely accept you anyway)

Thanks for reading and I hope you take all this into consideration!
-P.S: You can also find us on Twitter @lbl_mim.
2013-02-15 02:31:00
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2013-03-03 07:50:00 / Author: ethan23lol
Applications are all being accepted! I'm sorry to those who didn't quite make it, maybe next time Full list of people who have been accepted: ricksun, sactoino, JCookies7, BradleySmith96, wastlcm, Stan101_3, renefoetsie, Vvgoob47vV, Cakito123, LittleBigFuzion, Chunky104, and GlitchFish.
2013-03-03 07:50:00
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2013-07-07 16:12:00 / Author: sami-90
yes its mintereserait to be in littlebigplannet land has its lar cool
2013-07-07 16:12:00
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